Today Niladri Lake’s ‘etc.’

Today Niladri Lake’s ‘etc.’
Today Niladri Lake’s ‘etc.’

A special episode of Sunamganj District’s remote area bordering Tahirpur Upazila’s Tekerghat lake, captured in 2018, will be rebroadcasted after Bangla news at 8 pm today.

The blue water lake of Tekerghat is called ‘Shaheed Siraj Lake’. Known to many as Niladri Lake. The episode was shot in presence of lakhs of viewers on stages arranged in harmony with lush greenery, hills and stunning scenery.

On the occasion of the holding of etc., there was a festive atmosphere in Hawar Kanya Sunamganj. There are several heart touching reports in this episode, full of variety etc. Informational report on Sunamganj’s history, heritage and natural beauty-sightseeing and tourist attractions.

An informative investigative report on Sunamganj folk saints Dewan Hashan Raja, Radharman Dutt, Durbin Shah and Shah Abdul Karim. There is a report on Shiv Shankar Pal, a German expatriate amateur distance runner. Besides, there is a wonderful report on a group of foreigners who came to Bangladesh in search of happiness. Besides, there is an informative report on the watch collection of Mainul Mazedin of Ashulia, Dhaka. Foreign reports cover the beauty of South Africa, the country’s agricultural system and the story of a Bangladeshi who has succeeded in farming there.

In this edition, a song composed of 4 songs written by 4 mystical saints of Sunamganj was sung by the children of Sylhet, Shilpi Subhradev, Salim Chowdhury and fellow artists. Besides, the local dancers of Tekerghat performed a dance with the words of Mohammad Rafiquzzaman, the tune of Hanif Sanket and a song composed by Mehdi about Sunamganj. The song is sung by Prateek Haasan and Anika.

In addition, the program has several ironic plays on various social anomalies and contemporary events including uncle-nephew, audience episode, grandmother-grandson, letters. Etc. Written, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket. It will be broadcast simultaneously on BTV and BTV World.

The article is in Bengali

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