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Using children to bring yaba on the plane

Using children to bring yaba on the plane
Using children to bring yaba on the plane

The Rohingya used to bring drugs to the capital using various land routes, but now they often do this by air. And everyone’s whole family is involved in this business. Earlier, adults used to carry yaba in their stomachs, but now children are also involved in this work. Those children are at risk of death due to dangerous drug transport. Airport Armed Police Battalion arrested members of such a Rohingya family at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport last Thursday.

Airport Armed Police Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Ziaul Haque said on Friday that the family landed in Dhaka on a NovoAir Cox’s Bazar flight at 7 pm on Thursday. After that, they came under surveillance when they were suspected by the airport APBN intelligence team. At that time, when they were detained and interrogated, they completely denied carrying Yaba or being involved in any kind of crime. They also claim themselves as a Bengali family. But the police suspect that the family is involved in yaba trafficking. To verify this suspicion, four members of the family were taken to a pathology center in airport-adjacent Uttara for tests. During the medical examination, the child Rubel (15), her cousin Achia Begum (25) and her aunt Johura Begum (30) were confirmed to have abnormal objects in their stomachs. They then admitted under more vigorous questioning that they were carrying yaba in their stomachs.

Ziaul Haque said that after confessing about carrying Yaba, when questioned about their nationality, they also admitted that they are Rohingya. Ali Ahmad (28), the husband of Achia Begum, is the main planner of the Yaba carrying of this family of six members. But there was no yaba in his stomach. He was carrying women and children. At that time Achia Begum was accompanied by her seven-month-old baby Umayer Hossain and Zahura Begum’s 10-month-old baby Umme Chalma. A team of Airport Armed Police Battalion took them to Dhaka Medical College at night after confirming the nationality and carrying Yaba. There, a total of 130 Yabar packets were recovered from the stomachs of Rubel, Achia Begum and Jahura Begum under the supervision of a doctor. 6 thousand 275 pieces of yaba are available in these yaba packets. Shishu Rubel’s stomach contains 1 thousand 930 pieces in 40 packets, 2 thousand 511 pieces in 52 packets in Achiya’s stomach and 1 thousand 834 pieces in 38 packets in Jahura Begum’s stomach.

Ziaul Haque also said that all the accused are citizens of Myanmar. They are residents of Leda Camp in Cox’s Bazar, Teknaf. A case will be filed against them under the Narcotics Control Act at the airport police station. After their detailed interrogation, it will be known who else is involved with this gang.

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