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Before the end of the ban, hilsa in the market, prices


Barisal: After the 22-day ban on hilsa collection, transportation and sale, fishermen started hunting for hilsa in the river and sea from midnight last night.

After the end of the ban, a lot of hilsa has been seen in the southern fish farms since Friday (November 03) morning.

However, buyers do not see much difference in the price of fish before and after the ban.

Al-Amin, a buyer who went to buy fish at the private fish landing center on Port Road in the city, said that a lot of hilsa has arrived in the market. However, the import of hilsa of less than 1 kg size is high. And among these fish, red and soft i.e. the number of old hilsa is not less.

He said, before the ban, I bought hilsa of jatka size for Tk 450 to Tk 500 and one kg size at Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,300. The traders are still asking for that price.

However, traders say that the price of fish per maund has decreased slightly since before the ban. If the import of fish increases further, the price will decrease further.

On the other hand, the buyers are interested in medium and large size hilsa as they have eggs in their stomachs, fish traders said.

Buyer Taniul Islam said that there are two types of hilsa with eggs and without eggs in the market. But the taste of hilsa with eggs is more so I am trying to buy them. However, because new catch and old fish are sold together, they have to buy selectively. And spoiled fish can no longer be bought at a high price.

In this regard, Fisheries Officer (Hilsa) Bimal Chandra Das said that after the ban, a good amount of hilsa has come to the market. As a result, the price has also decreased slightly. In the morning everyone is collecting fish, then after the wholesalers put the price, it will be understood for sure how much it has decreased.

Meanwhile, the size of the hilsa in the market is also very good, he said, it is normal for the hilsa to have eggs in its stomach throughout the year. So there will be hilsa with eggs. However, during the main breeding season, most hilsa eggs are released. By observing market conditions and talking to fishermen, it is understood that there are fish in the river.

And from the past, good hilsa is available in the river, said Ibrahim, a fisherman in Mehendiganj. He said that after the ban, some fishermen came to Port Road with the fish that they hunted together to get a good price. Although the import of hilsa in the market is high, I hope to get a good price as it is a fresh fish.

Meanwhile, after the 22-day ban, fishermen, wholesalers, retailers, laborers and common people thronged Portroad’s fish landing center since Friday morning. In short, the sluggish market has suddenly become active. They are spending a busy time especially taking down the fish from different boats and packing it again in the truck.

Bangladesh Time: 1206 hours, November 03, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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