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Potato-onion out of control, prices are increasing by leaps and bounds

Potato-onion out of control, prices are increasing by leaps and bounds
Potato-onion out of control, prices are increasing by leaps and bounds

There is no end to suffering in the discomfort of the market. For a long time, the price of daily commodities, raw market, fish-meat, even spiced products has been in a state of panic for the common people. Although the prices of various products fluctuate slightly at different times, the market is running upwards. The potato-onion market has been bullish for a long time, which is now unbridled.

On Friday (November 3), such images were seen in various markets of the capital.

At the consumer level, the government recently fixed the prices of eggs, potatoes, onions, soybean oil and sugar to keep them affordable. Accordingly, the price of eggs per piece is 12 taka, potato 35 to 36 taka per kg and onion 65 taka per kg. But no one obeys the government’s instructions. On the contrary, these products are being sold by increasing the price day by day. Monitoring in the market is out of control, the situation is as it were.


After checking the prices at the retail level in different parts of the capital, it has been found that the price of onion has increased by Tk 30 per kg in a span of less than a week, and it is being sold at Tk 130. Although at the consumer level, the government has announced the sale of onions at the rate of Tk 65 per kg.

Meanwhile, at the retail level, potato is being sold at twice the price if there is an instruction to sell it at Tk 35 to Tk 36 per kg. Potatoes are being sold at the rate of Tk 60 to 65 per kg, showing a thumbs up to the government’s instructions.

Not only potatoes and onions, the price of sugar has also increased. Refined open sugar is being sold at Tk 145 per kg increased by Tk 15. Packaged sugar is 135 taka per kg but it is being sold at 160 taka with an increase of 25 taka.


On the other hand, among winter vegetables, beans are selling at Tk 120-130 per kg, ripe tomatoes at Tk 100 to Tk 120. The price of each piece of cauliflower and cabbage is Tk 40-60, depending on the place it is being sold more. The price of gourd-pumpkin is also high. Cut pieces of bitter gourd are being sold at 80 to 100 taka, gourd 60 to 70 taka, brinjal 80 to 120 taka, radish 60 to 80 taka, potato 80 to 100 taka, papaya 40 to 50 taka and sweet pumpkin 50 taka.

Apart from this, green chillies are being sold at Tk 200 to Tk 240 per kg, Chichinga at Tk 80-90, Shrimp at Tk 80-100, Usta 100 and Kachur Lati at Tk 80-120 per kg. Carrots are being sold at Tk 120 per kg, jali at Tk 40-50 per piece and gourd at Tk 70 to Tk 80 per piece. Raw bananas are being sold at Tk 40 to Tk 50, small cabbage at Tk 40 to Tk 50, small cauliflower at Tk 40 to Tk 50. Apart from this, it has been seen that vegetables are being sold at high prices depending on the place.


On the other hand, it has been seen in the meat market that broiler chicken was sold at Tk 200 per kg last week but today it is being sold at Tk 180. Apart from this, golden breed chicken is 320 to 330 taka per kg. Pakistani chicken is being sold at Tk 340-360 per kg. 550 to 600 rupees per kg to buy domestic chicken. 700 rupees are being sold in some places. Besides, beef is sold at 800 taka, goat meat at 1100 taka. Selling at lower or higher prices depending on location.

Going to the fish market, it was seen that Pangus is being sold at the price of Tk 200 to Tk 260 per kg depending on the place. Farmed squid and tilapia are being sold at low prices. The price of one kg of rue-katla is estimated at 350 to 360 taka per kg. Two to two and a half kg rui-katla is being sold at Tk 375 to Tk 450 per kg. Shoal fish is being sold at Tk 600-650 per kg depending on location and horn fish and Baila fish at Tk 600-670 per kg depending on the type. Besides, Pabda fish is being sold at Tk 400 to Tk 450 per kg, Baim fish (small) at Tk 550 to Tk 600, Tengra fish at Tk 480 to Tk 500, lobster at Tk 1100 per kg and small shrimp at Tk 600 per kg.

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