The price of chillies has increased, but not decreased for potatoes and onions


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Dhaka: At the end of the week, the prices of most vegetables remained stable at high prices in the raw market of the capital, but the prices of some vegetables including green chillies and coriander leaves increased. Besides, the prices of fish and meat remained the same as last week.

On Friday (September 8), such a picture can be seen when visiting various raw markets of Agargaon and Shyamoli, Kalyanpur in the capital.

On this day, green chillies are sold at the rate of 180-200 taka per kg, which has increased by 20-30 taka in the market. Coriander leaves are being sold at the rate of Tk 220-250 per kg increased by Tk 50.

Mimjal Hossain, a vegetable seller at BNP Bazar in Agargaon, told Sarabangla, “The prices of some vegetables have increased this week compared to last week. In this, the price of green chillies has increased by Tk 20-30 per kg. And coriander leaves increased by 30-40 taka per kg. Winter vegetables have started arriving in the market. But the price is still high. Besides, other vegetables are being sold at the same price as before.’

Awlad Hossain, a curry seller in the same market, told Sarabangla, “We are selling local onions at Tk 140-150 and round potatoes at Tk 60-65 per kg this week.”

Ahad Mia, a vegetable seller in Shyamli said, ‘Today the prices of coriander leaves and green chillies have increased. The price of green chillies has increased by Tk 20-30 per kg.

Visiting some markets of the capital on this day, the prices of fish, meat and eggs are stable at high prices as last week. Beef is sold at Tk 780-800, goat meat at Tk 1000-1100 per kg.

Today Rui fish (1 kg or more) is Tk 380-400, silver carp and Pangas of same weight Tk 220-230, Koi Tk 250-280, Tilapia Tk 250-270, Pabda fish Tk 450-500, Kanchki fish Selling at Tk 320-350 per kg.

Poultry chickens are sold at Tk 180-190 per kg, golden chicken at Tk 290-300, farm chicken eggs at Tk 150-155 per dozen, duck eggs at Tk 75-80 per half.

However, depending on the market, the price of all types of vegetables including fish and meat can be lower or higher up to 20-30.


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