The son hacked the mother to death, the father was ‘standing’ next to him

The son hacked the mother to death, the father was ‘standing’ next to him
The son hacked the mother to death, the father was ‘standing’ next to him

The police have arrested a boy on the charge of hacking a woman named Madhumala Begum (55) to death in Fatulla of Narayanganj. The incident took place in Dapa Idrakpur railway station Ukilbari area on Thursday (November 2) night. Suman Mia (35) is the second child of that woman.

The deceased Madhumala Begum is the wife of Nurul Islam of that area. Accused Suman is the second child among two sons and two daughters in their family.

Locals said that around 1 o’clock in the night they heard a scream and came to the side of the road and found a woman lying in a bloody state. His son Suman is standing next to him. Nurul Mia, the deceased’s husband, was a little far away. But no one was going near Suman as he had a sharp weapon in his hand. Later the incident was reported to the police.

After the victim’s husband complained to Nurul Islam police station, the police went and arrested Sumon with a sharp weapon.

The deceased’s husband Nurul Islam said, ‘I have been living here with my family members for a long time. I have rice hotel near home. We run the hotel together as husband and wife. Suman is the second child among my two sons and two daughters. Due to mental imbalance Suman was divorced by his wife and moved to his father’s house with two daughters. Then six years ago Suman was sent abroad (Iraq). He moved to the country from there for two months. On the way home from the hotel at night, I saw that Suman brought a cane from the house and hacked his mother on the street and injured her face, hands and different parts of her body. His mother died on the spot. After that, Suman went to the house with the cane in his hand and slept on the bed. After getting the information and informed the police station, the police came and arrested Suman from the house with a stick and took his mother’s body to the hospital for post-mortem.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Fatulla Model Police Station Noore Azam told Bangla Tribune, ‘The police went to the spot after receiving information about a woman being hacked to death. The relatives of the deceased said that the deceased’s son had hacked him to death. The boy was arrested on the basis of such allegations. Investigation is going on in this regard. The body has been sent to city general hospital morgue for post-mortem. The case is pending in this incident.’

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