Khosru, 10 arrested in policeman murder case

Khosru, 10 arrested in policeman murder case
Khosru, 10 arrested in policeman murder case

DB Chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid

Dhaka: BNP Standing Committee member Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury has been arrested in the murder case of police constable Amirul. The Metropolitan Police (DB) will present him in court and apply for a 10-day remand.

DB chief Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid said these things while talking to reporters in front of the DB office at Mintu Road in the capital on Friday (November 3).

He said, we were looking for BNP Standing Committee member Amir Khosru for a long time. He was absconding to a house, from where we arrested him last night. Amir Khosru is accused number four in the case filed at Paltan police station in connection with police killings. He was arrested in this case.

DB Pradhan said, on October 28, my police brother was brutally beaten to death in broad daylight. Apart from this, many other police brothers of mine are under treatment in Dhaka Medical College and Rajarbagh Central Police Hospital with serious injuries. One of them went into a coma. When you go to the hospital, you can see the cries and cries of the family and children of these policemen.

He said that all the accused in this case should be brought to justice. Those who were running away, but they were not saved. Those who are still on the run, I think we will arrest them and hand them over to the court.

In response to a question, DB chief Harun said, “We will send Amir Khosru to the court today and ask for a 10-day remand.” I will try to find out who was led by whom, who was attacked on that day, who was on the stage during the incident. We will find and arrest those who fueled the attack.

He further said that on October 28 and the days of the siege, cars were set on fire, the residence of the Chief Justice was attacked, the security of people’s lives and property was disturbed in different areas of Dhaka in the name of so-called siege, many buses were set on fire. Each incident is under investigation. We got the names of those who started the fire. We will soon bring them to book.

Bangladesh Time: 1400 hours, November 3, 2023

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