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Those who are trolling me, they don’t have sisters?

Those who are trolling me, they don’t have sisters?
Those who are trolling me, they don’t have sisters?

Recently, famous stage and television actor Abdul Quader’s granddaughter Simreen Lubaba was trolled on social media for saying ‘Kende Dihi’ in an interview. Who is well known as a child artist.

This trolling of Lubaba did not end on social media, she has to face the same ’embarrassing’ situation in her personal life as well. He faced the media again to talk about it. There, Lubaba said, many trolled her for saying ‘Kende Dihi’. This happened even at his current school.

In Lubaba’s words, many big people have also trolled me for saying ‘Kende Dihi’. I am surprised by their behavior. Mujib movie is not a movie of laughter? Who didn’t cry after watching that movie? Shame on those who are trolling for saying I ‘kenededi’ after watching the movie. Even if I go to school now, I am being trolled.

This child artist says, what is the difference between ‘crying’ and ‘crying’? Do I talk or not? Again, I do not know how to speak! So where do I go? It is unnecessary to go viral like this. It’s a fault if I speak, it’s a fault if I don’t. Again, I am a ‘logic girl’!

Addressing those who are trolling, Lubaba said, ‘those who are roasting me, trolling, don’t they have a daughter in their house? No sister? Or no children? Can they troll their sisters or daughters like this? I look happy, but inside I’m suffering a lot.’

Earlier, Lubaba’s mother told Dhaka Post, she said, ‘I saw both positive and negative forms of social media. Lubaba may not be regular in the media in the future. I can take him out of the country.’

Incidentally, Lubaba is currently a student of an English medium school in the capital. While studying at KG, he became the first child artist to model for advertisements. Then worked in various dramas, short films.


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