Volunteer League leader burnt his car

Volunteer League leader burnt his car
Volunteer League leader burnt his car


A leader of Swachhasevak League set his car on fire in Kaliakore of Gazipur. This incident created a sensation in the area.

Volunteer League leader Moin Dewan burnt his Toyota brand car in Sutrapur union board house area at 11 am on Friday.

Moin (32), son of Ibrahim Dewan of Bordghar area, owns Chandra’s Moin Clinic and Diagnostic Center along with politics. He claimed to be the Secretary of Industry and Commerce of the Kaliakoi Municipal Volunteer League.

Moin Dewan told reporters, “On the first evening of the three-day blockade called by the BNP-Jamaat, my private car was vandalized by the besiegers in Chandra Palli Vidyut area of ​​Gazipur. I was also injured by their brick-pelting.

“Even after three days, no leader of the party has inquired. He did not even communicate on mobile. I burned my own car out of anger.

He also said, “I have been doing politics for so long, I have done Chhatra League, I am doing Volunteer League. Even though he was tortured on the street as a young activist, no one took notice. That’s why the anger.”

Swapan Sarkar, general secretary of Kaliakor Municipal Volunteer League, said, “Moin Dewan is not part of our committee. But who burned whose car is a personal matter.

Regarding Moin Dewan’s allegations, he said, “He is doing this to embarrass us.”

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