A kg at the port is Tk 33 and in Dhaka it is Tk 65

A kg at the port is Tk 33 and in Dhaka it is Tk 65
A kg at the port is Tk 33 and in Dhaka it is Tk 65

Already 184 tonnes of potatoes imported from India have entered the country. And the importers sold those potatoes at Tk 33 per kg at the port. As a result of this, the prices in some parts of the country, including the port area, have decreased, but it has no effect on the Dhaka market. Potatoes are still selling at Tk 60-65 per kg in the retail market of Dhaka. Buyers are angry at this price anarchy. Some of them told Jugantar, there is no use in writing in the media. I have heard a lot about syndicates. But they are so influential that no action can be taken against them. So we consumers are getting cheated. He came to Nayabazar in the capital to buy products. Riyadul Islam told Jugantar that not only potatoes, but all other types of products in the market, small businessmen have created a turbulent situation by increasing the prices. They are cutting the consumer’s pocket to make huge profits. The government also knows who is doing it. But nothing can be done. Besides, there is no supervision in the market.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture sources, till now 157 companies have been allowed to import 1 lakh 7 thousand 215 tons of potatoes. Out of this, 184 tons of potatoes have arrived in the country till Thursday. Shahidul Islam, a potato importer of Hili land port, told Jugantar that he imported potatoes for the first time. This potato was brought from South Dinajpur, India. After bringing to the country, I sold potatoes at the price of Tk 33 per kg. which have been bought by the swindlers. Unstable potato market since June. At that time, potatoes were sold at a maximum of Tk 55 per kg in the retail market. Later, during the operation of the regulatory agency, it came down to Tk 35 per kg. When the supervision was relaxed again, the prices started to rise again at the end of August. At that time it was sold at Tk 40 per kg but remained stable at Tk 45 in September. On September 14, the government fixed the price of potatoes at Tk 35-36 per kg. But this price is not effective in the market. Then at the end of October it was sold at 60-70 taka per kg. Later on October 30, the government decided to import potatoes. Those potatoes have started coming to the country.

The Directorate of Agriculture Marketing has given reports to various ministries and departments of the government about who is involved in price manipulation. According to that report, the farmer has spent 10 taka 50 paisa per kg of potato production. The farmer sold it for a maximum of 15 rupees. Which should not be more than 32 rupees in the retail market. Cold storage owners and stockists have increased the prices by leaving insufficient quantity of potatoes in the market compared to the demand.

President of Bangladesh Cold Storage Association Mostafa Azad Chowdhury told Babu Yugantar that if seed potatoes are excluded, food potatoes in cold storage will last until December. Those who are storing potatoes in cold storage, are selling at higher prices. A kg of potato costs Tk 18-20 along with transport cost and cold storage rent from the field. If the storers sell potatoes at a profit of 6-7 rupees, they could sell them from cold storage at 26-27 rupees. That should have been it. But potatoes in cold storage were sold at Tk 34-36 per kg. It should not be more than Rs.27. And 36 rupees should not be more than 36 rupees at the consumer level. But it is being sold at 60-70 taka. The government also knows who is increasing the prices. Taking action will reduce the price.

To control the price of potato, the operation was conducted by the National Directorate of Consumer Protection at the wholesale and retail levels. Traders are also fined for irregularities. Director General AHM Safikuzzaman also visited the potato freezer. There he found irregularities. Later, the government ordered the sale at a fixed price. But businessmen do not accept it. As a result, he expressed a kind of helplessness and recommended to the Ministry of Commerce to import potatoes.

According to the Bogra Bureau, the Indian stick variety of potato has entered the market there. Three tons come to the market on Thursday night. Potatoes are sold at Tk 40 to Tk 42 per kg from Friday morning. Which was 50-54 taka 2 days ago. As a result, the price of potato per kg in the market has decreased by Tk 10 to Tk 12. This has given relief to the people. Wholesale traders said that Indian potatoes will arrive every day now. As a result the market price will come to bearable level.

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