IC | Row over Bengal Minister Tajmul Hossain allegedly gifted shirt and flower to Police Officer of Harishchandrapur dgtld


Harishchandrapur IC Devdut Ghajam standing in olive dress with a smile on his face. State Minister and MLA of Harishchandrapur Tajmul Hossain is offering gifts to him with a smile. The IC also took new clothes from the person standing next to the MLA. Both the minister and the police officer came under criticism from the opposition when the video (the authenticity of which was not verified by Anandabazar Online) was spread.

BJP alleges that IC Devadoot took ‘Pujo’s clothes’ from the state minister and MLA of Harishchandrapur wearing police uniform in his own house at the police station. In the face of controversy, the minister says, ‘It is courtesy’. Opponents say that the give-and-take relationship between the police and the leaders of the ruling party is clear in this video. Their question is, how can the opposition expect the police to act impartially in any political unrest? District Superintendent of Police Pradeep Yadav is unwilling to open his mouth on the whole controversy. On the other hand, IC claims that he only took flowers.

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The video of the minister and the police officer which is now viral on social media, is said to be the incident of Novami night. Allegedly, on that day, minister and local MLA Tajmul went to Harishchandrapur police station and gave a ‘gift of worship’ to the IC. Amlan Bhaduri, general secretary of BJP’s South Malda organizational district, said, “There is no distance between the police and Trinamool leaders. There is no hiding. Somewhere the police are running the party (Trinamool). Somewhere the party (Trinamool) is running the police. This is the situation in West Bengal now.”

But those close to Tajmul have claimed that unnecessary fuss is being made about this whole issue. In Tajmul’s own words, “It’s courtesy. I have given a small gift to IC on the occasion of Puja. On the other hand, the IC of Harishchandrapur police station denied accepting the gift. He said, “The minister gave a small wreath. Harishchandrapur police station falls within the Minister’s area. So he often comes here.” The IC of Harishchandrapur police station refused to say more.

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