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A joke about LPG

A joke about LPG
A joke about LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is essentially a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gases and is used as a fuel for cooking, heating cars and buildings. Currently, the use of LPG cylinders in households has increased a lot. Along with this, the incidents of cylinder explosions and fires are increasing. There are at least two crore cylinders of 30 companies in the market, both public and private. Again this clean or green fuel is very popular with people. Initially people were not very interested in using this cylinder. But as the total demand of fuel gas has increased excessively, people are forced to raise their hands on this gas. Again, in many places, especially in new houses, cylinders have to be used because of the gas connection. People’s hatred for the increase in the price of daily necessities, among them the increase in the price of LPG.

The question is, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) is only increasing the price of gas. But who will say whether there will be any decision on new gas connection at home? Titus Gas Authority? Many say that this situation has been created to increase people’s dependence on cylinders by shutting off the gas connection in their homes. In this opportunity, public and private cylinder companies are increasing the price at will. The report published on Friday in the Desh Transformation, ‘prices increased by Tk 382 in four months’, says that a large number of people are dependent on LPG in the capital as well as in various cities and villages due to the disconnection of residential natural gas lines for a long time. BERC determines the price of LPG every month in accordance with the global market. Although LPG is never sold at a fixed price, an extra charge of Tk 200 to Tk 250 per cylinder is required. Everyone from operators to retailers are selling LPG at arbitrary prices. Last July, the price of LPG cylinder was Tk 999. Since then the price has been increasing continuously. Last month, the commission increased the price by 79 taka per cylinder to 1 thousand 363 taka. The price was increased by Tk 144 in September and Tk 141 in August. In the last four months, the price of 12 kg cylinder has increased by Tk 382.

LPG is not available at fixed price in the market. The BERC chairman said the usual thing about this. He said that they have come to know that the fixed prices are not being implemented in some places. That is why measures are being taken. Four companies have been mourned. BERC itself is conducting operations. Directorate of Consumer Affairs and District Commissioners have been asked to take part in the campaign. Disciplinary action is and will be taken against sellers if specific complaints are received. BERC is fixing the price of LPG every month from April 2021 on the orders of the High Court. Propane and butane, the main ingredients for making LPG, are imported from different countries. Saudi Arabia’s company Aramco publishes the price of these two elements every month. BERC adjusted the price of LPG in the country by taking this price into consideration.

Commodity price increases due to Ukraine-Russia war, dollar appreciation, commodity prices increase for black market-stock market. It is being said that the government is serious about reducing the price increase. But it has no effect on the open market. When the irregularity becomes the rule, what should the people actually do? By increasing the LPG price every few months like this, it is not clear what kind of advance message is being sent to the consumers. It would have been better to keep the people mentally prepared by increasing the maximum price in one step. If the product price has to increase, then it is better to have a timeframe. Along with the price increase, it should be announced that the price of such and such products will not increase in the next few days. Who knows how long we will have to hear about the Russia-Ukraine war and the rise in the value of the dollar due to rising commodity prices?

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