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The prices of winter vegetables are not falling in the market


Every year winter vegetables come in the market a little before winter. At this time, these vegetables are available at comparatively lower prices than other times of the year. But this year, even if the winter vegetables are in the market, the buyers have to buy them at a higher price.
Buyers complain that the capital’s markets have become unregulated due to lack of market supervision. However, vendors say there is still a shortage of supply even as winter vegetables hit the market. If the supply is normalized, the prices of vegetables will fall further.
On Friday (November 3), several raw markets in the capital, including the New Market raw market, Kella Mor raw market, Hatirpool and Anand Bazar, were seen visiting and talking to buyers and sellers during the weekend.
In Newmarket and Hatirpool raw markets, cauliflower and cabbage are being sold at Tk 100 to Tk 170 per pair depending on the size. Gourds are being sold at the price of 60 to 100 taka. Besides, raw papaya 40, round brinjal, kankarol, tomato, kachumukhi are being sold at Tk 100 per kg. Desi cucumber, bitter gourd, radish are being sold at 70 rupees. Patal, Chichinga and Dhundal are being sold at 60 rupees. Besides, carrots are being sold at Tk 120, beans at Tk 140, green chillies at Tk 240, coriander leaves at Tk 180 per kg.
Buyers say that even though there are several organizations of the government, no supervision is ever seen to control the raw market. Moushumi Ghosh, a buyer at the New Market raw market, said that now winter vegetables are in the market, but the prices are high, it is unusual. When the prices of various products become uncontrolled in the market, various organizations monitor them. But such oversight has never been seen in the raw market.
The sellers admit the increase in price and say that the supply of vegetables is low, so the relative price is high. But after a few days, if the supply increases, the price will also decrease. Rabin Adhikari Alamgir, a vegetable trader in Hatirpool market, said that now the winter vegetables have just started growing. In a few days the market will be in full swing, then the price will come down a lot.
Meanwhile, the prices of potatoes and onions are volatile in the market, but the prices of other food items remain unchanged. Besides, fish and meat market is stable compared to last week.
Cotton and katal are being sold in the market at the rate of 400 to 600 taka per kg depending on the size. Cultivated koi is sold at 300 taka, but domestic koi is sold at 600 to 800 taka. Besides, Pabda 400, Tilapia 250 and Pangas are being sold at Tk 200 per kg. And as before, the price of river fish was relatively higher than farming.

The article is in Bengali

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