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Forgiveness is the best behavior of a believer

Forgiveness is the best behavior of a believer
Forgiveness is the best behavior of a believer

Among all the qualities and characteristics that have the greatest influence in reaching the highest peak of peace and success in human life, the qualities of forgiveness, forgiveness and tolerance are notable. If you are angry or suffer because of other’s faults or irregularities, forgive him with a generous heart. Forbearance is the absence of punitive or retaliatory measures despite the power and the avoidance of the person’s behavior as foolishness. Which is called – not taking revenge for wrongdoing. And ignore injustice. As if not seeing, not hearing, not knowing. As we know, every aspect of life should not be ignored. Rather, the special field is oppression. In response, I will say that the question is correct in its situation. But there is no doubt that in many cases it should be. So many areas are covered here. Not all areas. A principle here is that when discussing the function of a property or property, the applicable field condition is generally implied. It does not need to be mentioned again. However! There are countless qualities and characteristics in human life which are very important for our practice and discussion.

Allah Ta’ala has encouraged and celebrated His servants in various ways in the Qur’an regarding forgiveness and tolerance. In the great book Qur’anul Kareem, Allah Ta’ala says about the virtues and deeds of the people of Paradise who are forgiven – those who spend in the way of Allah, both good and bad, digest (control) anger, and forgive people’s faults (for them is forgiveness and Paradise). Indeed, Allah Ta’ala loves such righteous people. (Surah Imran: 134). Patience and forgiveness are things that are highly desirable. And his reward is great. It is very necessary for the ambitious believer to attain nearness to Allah. The characteristics of the believers should be such that they are ambitious about the Hereafter. Personal limitations and weaknesses will never stand in the way of ambition. Because the greatest faith and confidence of the believer is that happiness and sorrow, happiness and joy, good and bad are solved by Allah. The person just tries. And its results come from Allah. In a word, the element of the believer’s ambition is not his own power. Instead, trust in God’s grace and mercy. In another verse, Allah Ta’ala also says about the qualities of a believer – whenever anger arises (for someone’s wrongdoing in a personal matter), then they adopt the principle of forgiveness. (Surah Shura: 37).

A wonderful story about forgiveness in the Quran: The context of the first few verses of Surah Noor is a tragic and fortunate story in the life of Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta’ala. Which is famous as the incident of ifq (slander) in the book of Sirat. The incident was shocking on the one hand. Because, tohmat (slander) is imposed on a pure chaste woman like Ammajan. On the other hand was great fortune. Because, in response to the said criminal hypocrites and declaring the purity of Ammajan, Allah Ta’ala Himself revealed the verses. Ammajan said, I had a strong belief that Allah would inform the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) of the truth through revelation. However, through the verses of the Qur’an, it was an idea of ​​the past.

However! Later when Allah Ta’ala revealed the truth to everyone through revelation. Then one of the slanderers was Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu’s closest relative ‘Miftah’ whom Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anhu regularly supported financially. But he was influenced by the propaganda of the hypocrites and he also slandered. Later, when the truth was revealed, he was ashamed and repented to Allah. But still it was unbearable and very sad for Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Taala Anhu. So he later stopped helping her financially and promised never to help her again. It is in this context that Allah Ta’ala revealed the verse: ‘Let not those among you who possess high status and financial abundance swear that they will not give anything to their relatives, the needy and those who emigrate in the way of Allah. They should forgive and ignore the blame. Do you not wish that Allah forgives you? Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful.’ (Surah Noor: 22). Before mentioning the matter of forgiveness in this verse, Allah Ta’ala admonished people to be generous and show mercy. He enjoined upon the wealthy that they should not swear to give anything to their subordinates, the poor, or the needy among their relatives.

Hearing this verse, Hazrat Abu Bakr Radiyallahu Anhu showed a great heart. He has taken his dignity to a great height. He immediately said – ‘Yes’, by Allah! I certainly want my Lord to forgive me.’ He resumed financial support to Mistah and said – ‘This support will never stop.’ (Bukhari Sharif, Tafseer Qurtubi) From the above discussion it is evident that it is essential for the Muslim Ummah and all of the world humanity to make their virtues of being kind or forgiving to their close relatives, the poor and the helpless for success. May Allah bless us all to come forward with their support. Grant the tawfiq to prepare ourselves for Allah’s forgiveness. Amen.

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