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The Palestinians must come forward in support

The Palestinians must come forward in support
The Palestinians must come forward in support

Efforts should be continued from every position to return the due and due rights of the innocent and helpless Palestinian Muslim brothers. This is called Jihad. Jihad is not only the name of bloodshed in the battlefield by sounding war drums, dressing oneself in iron armor, but also trying to establish justice according to one’s ability in view of the situation. At the same time, muscle power has to be used as needed. Maulana Abdur Razzak, Khatib Principal of Gaushul Azam in Mahakhalis Masjid of the capital, said these things in his pre-jumma sermon yesterday. Khatib said that the faith test of the rulers of all Muslim countries, big and small, is ongoing. In order to pass this test, Palestinian Muslims must come forward in cooperation. Otherwise, the day is not far when these miscreants of Islam will succeed in enslaving the Muslim nation. The only way out is united jihad. Jihad fee sabilillah. Narrated by Hazrat Abu Saeed (RA), the Prophet (PBUH) was asked, O Allah’s Messenger (PBUH), who is the best among people? In reply, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “The believer strives in the way of Allah with his life and wealth.” People said, who is next? He said, “Whoever fears Allah and stays in a secluded cave in the mountains to save people from their evils” (Sahih Bukhari).

Khatib said, now there is no time to sit at home. Islam should be upheld through resistance and protest. Jihad should be done according to one’s ability for oppressed Muslim brothers. He who has means will give financial support, he who is educated will impart his knowledge, doctors will give medical advice, orators will speak for them with unequivocal voice, writers will by their writings, leaders of the society will give their full support in support of Islam, the people will give food and clothing. Be by their side. All these are part of Jihad. At the same time, the Islamic state leaders must take a strong stand against the Palestinian Muslim brothers, especially the Zionists of Israel, for the sake of Islam. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an, I will guide those who strive for Me (Surah Ankabut: 69). In another verse, Allah says, “You will believe in Allah and His Messenger and strive in the way of Allah with your lives and property; that is good for you, if you only knew” (Surah Saaf: 8). Khatib explained Jihad to the present Muslims and said that Muslims should always be engaged in Jihad Bin-Nafs (Jihad of the Heart) and Jihad Bil-Ilm (Jihad of Knowledge) individually, as a party and as a state. These two Jihads are permanent and obligatory. There is no opportunity to abandon them. On the other hand Jihad bil-yad or kital i.e. war and force is decided by the state. It is also a special duty for the wealthy to engage in Jihad Bilmal (Jihad of wealth). Just as it is our responsibility to gain full knowledge on all these issues, we must know what to do in the current context of the Israel-Palestine issue and move forward accordingly. Protect yourself from misleading information and activities. We should not sit quietly saying that it is impossible to go to that place to protect the Palestinian territory. The responsibility of informing the individual to the society, society to the region, region to the center and the state is the responsibility of the common people and then one state will take the initiative to address the matter subject to discussion with the other state. This is the best way. Strong organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Jihadul Islam should be supported. May Allah increase their faith. At the same time, we must protect ourselves from those Islam-hating weak states that are openly supporting such despicable acts and helping Israel in various ways. They can never be your friends or benefactors. Breaking ties with them is also part of Jihad. In short, any believer’s compromise with that which would cause the least harm to Islam is incompatible and tantamount to blasphemy. Let us stand by our Palestinian Muslim brothers. I am saddened by their grief. Time to sleep is over. Wake up now. Be vocal that the trust (Islam) which Allah and His Messenger have given you to me is not betrayed in any way. In addition to the declaration that no other Muslim brother will be harmed by one Muslim, we also promise that one Muslim will support another Muslim in danger with necessary things including life, goods. Keep trying to be a believer and not a hypocrite. Keep the Jihadi spirit awake at all times. Surely Allah is with us. (Amen.)

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