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‘We have seen death in front of our eyes, we are human’

‘We have seen death in front of our eyes, we are human’
‘We have seen death in front of our eyes, we are human’

“I saw death in front of my eyes, we are people, don’t think of us as animals, let us go.” – A woman broke down in tears holding up her Egyptian passport in front of the media camera. His daughter’s eyes are also teary.

Many more people like him are waiting to enter Egypt through the Rafah border. Those who want to return to their homes with their lives in the Hamas-Israel conflict.

The Rafah border was opened for the second time on Thursday. Israel, Egypt, the US and Hamas brokered an agreement between Qatar to allow citizens of other countries trapped in Gaza to enter Egypt. In particular, serious injuries to Gaza residents. It is in that context that the border is opened today. However, very few people are exempted. The rest went back wearily to the wait, which had been going on for four weeks.

Meanwhile, the death march of ordinary Palestinians continues in the Gaza Strip. The total death toll has now crossed 9,000.

Note that the Palestinian resistance movement based in Gaza, Hamas, has announced that it has launched a military operation against Israel. Israel launched a counter-attack to counter this.

In a statement, the head of the military branch of Hamas, Mohammad Deif, said that “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” started by raining 5,000 rockets on Israel last Saturday (October 7) morning. At that time, Israel admitted the incursion from Gaza.

In fact, this is the first time since 1953 that such a large-scale war has broken out in the Al Aqsa region of the Middle East.

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