Dengue death 15 more infected 1728

Dengue death 15 more infected 1728
Dengue death 15 more infected 1728

10 more people died of dengue in the last 24 hours till 8 am on Friday and 1 thousand 357 people were admitted to the hospital. Among those who died of dengue, four are in Dhaka, six in different districts outside Dhaka. Of the dengue patients who were admitted to hospital in the country yesterday, 355 were in Dhaka and 1,200 were admitted outside Dhaka.
As of yesterday, 1,380 people have died of dengue throughout the country this year. Among them, 820 people died in Dhaka and 560 outside Dhaka. Apart from this, a total of 276 thousand 163 people have been affected by dengue in the country this year. Among them, 1 lakh 287 people were infected and admitted to hospital in Dhaka. One lakh 75 thousand 876 people outside Dhaka.

In the last three days of November till yesterday Friday (actually 2 days and 8 hours), 4 thousand 988 people have been admitted to the hospital due to dengue and 30 people have died during this period. This year, from July to October, the death and infection rate of dengue is high in the country. In July, 43 thousand 854 people were infected and 204 people died. 71 thousand 976 people and 342 people died respectively in August. In the month of September, 75 thousand 598 people and 396 people died respectively. In the month of October, 67 thousand 769 people and 359 people died.

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