Test the luck of the favorites today!

Test the luck of the favorites today!
Test the luck of the favorites today!

beloved the reader, World Cup in cricket today Favorites fate test become to go can! why saying his Reason too there is today to one other’s face to face being New ZealandPakistan And EnglandAustralia. this Four of the party in All three In the semi-finals to play possibility there is that due to who losing will go their knock out to read possibility will wake up And victory found team Semir run ahead will go On the other hand Friday Afghanistan Another one great in victory of the semi-finals in the race well right there is Afghan The Pathans constantly fascination spread out going on they are the best at four get up If you go And surprised to be will continue no of the field in the fight themselves Munciana evidence By doing A respect received The Afghans

New Zealand And of Pakistan the match to be can exciting Kiwis the beginning great to do despite now in fear there is they are drawn Four match when won then many but by holding took In the semi-finals the game almost sure After that incredibly drawn three match losing in trouble read gone block Caps. On the other hand of Pakistan Continuity no it is their never was no they are when what by doing that perhaps yourselves too knows no! now the first two match of victory after again failure After that again turn around standing Semir in the race has arrived seven in the match three victory And four lose of New Zealand right soon after they are today Pakira to win if you can Kiwis equal to point become will go then Semir before except reading in thought read will go current The runners-up. that due to of victory for desperate become will be Kiwis. they are If you win apprehension overcome of the semi-finals towards move on will go A the match so of two parties for extremely important

EnglandAustralia The match too the heat will spread in mind being current the champion of England of the semi-finals before bye sure become Even if their for this of honor match that with the match won the english at least Champions in the trophy to play will want of England maybe bad the time is going, but their of ability decrease no that due to they are of Ajid death the bite with even if sitting surprised to be something will be no On the other hand Australia the beginning bad Although what in a great way they are turn around is standing A the match If you win of Ajid in semi the game a lot sure become will go A on target ajira Of course injury with in trouble to read can to play can no Maxwell And Marsh. it is their to suffer can

beloved the reader, Afghan fairy tale ongoing Afghan The Pathans one more time by showing gave they are a lot away to go because has arrived their A The matter so much great that, rate to obey displeased lol leave to give pot no each in the match the chest by chirping fight doing, the courage with is playing before losing sit down remains no their now this In the World Cup Four victory become gone it is what to think goes! now they are well Semir in the race move on has arrived in front what will be that they are determine will do! Syed Mujtaba Ali’s of Pathan same as surprise by showing going on The Afghans

write down : Zahidul Alam victory

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