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Your child should say these 7 words at least once a day


Lifestyle Desk: You must love your child more than yourself. Everyone wants their child to grow up to be a successful and good person. And so no one wants to have any defect in taking care of their child. It is important to tell your beloved child something special every day.

If you inculcate these special words in your child’s mind, he will be able to easily deal with any problem in the path of life. Know the 7 things you should say to your child once a day.

1. Tell your child ‘I believe in you’ once a day. Trust him to carry out small tasks. Then his self-esteem will increase and he will love you more.

2. Tell your child at least once a day not to give up. Encourage him in every task and allow him to give up in frustration. Tell him that he will see success if he moves forward with patience.

3. If something doesn’t work, ask him to practice more without scolding him. Always tell him that he can become ‘perfect’ with repeated practice.

4. Every ‘expert’ person was once clumsy. Explain this to your child every day. It will give him courage in any work.

5. Explain to your child that failure is not a sin. If your child ever fails, instead of scolding him, tell him to forget the failure and move on.

6. Sometimes bad times come in life. Encourage your child to learn from the bad times and apply them to the good times. Regularly let your child know how much you love them every day.

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7. Family is the safest place and let your child know how much family loves them. It will make him feel secure and show love to his family.

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