Who is their leader, who will be the prime minister,

Who is their leader, who will be the prime minister,
Who is their leader, who will be the prime minister,

Dhaka: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has raised the question, who will BNP make the leader? Who will be the prime minister? Who will the cabinet?

He asked these questions in the president’s speech at the Awami League discussion meeting organized on the occasion of Jail Killing Day on Friday (November 3) afternoon.

The discussion meeting was held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center.

The Prime Minister said that he got only 29 seats in the 2008 elections. And now people are even more against them for their misdeeds. And who will be elected, who is their leader? Who will be the prime minister? With whom will the cabinet? The Chairperson of BNP was convicted in the case of embezzlement of orphans’ money, and now he is ill. His sister, brother, sister-in-law came to me, met, cried. I suspended his sentence and arranged for him to stay at home and receive treatment as he wished. Who tried to kill me again and again, killed my father, mother, brothers. Just as Ziaur Rahman is responsible for the murder, the family is also responsible. Even after that his family came and cried, I gave. But Ziaur Rahman left the boy (Tareq Rahman) who stepped on a kulanga. Bangladesh has created a paradise state of terrorism and smuggling. Convicted in money laundering case (Tareq).

Referring to BNP-Jamaat as arsonists, Sheikh Hasina said, it should be remembered that BNP’s arsonism today, their hideous appearance, the fact that they are beaten to death by the police. What was the crime of an innocent policeman who did his job to kill him like that, inhumanely! Not once, same thing happened in 2013, same thing happened in 2014 to disrupt election, same thing happened in 2015. Killing thousands of people, burning, cars, office-courts, railways, launches, what have they left out? All created havoc by burning, arson, cutting thousands of trees, cutting roads. They stopped only when the people of Bangladesh resisted.

The Prime Minister said, today also I will say that the time has come, wherever these arsonists are, whoever sets fire, oppresses people and sets fire to cars, buses, trucks, they must be stopped immediately. You can’t rely on anyone here, people have to come forward. Just as it started in 2013 when the resistance started, attempts were made to disrupt the elections, 525 schools were burned down, polling centers still failed to stop the elections. They know that they will never be able to come to power if they are elected.

Bangladesh Time: 2309 hours, November 3, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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