If Awami League loses 1 body, BNP will lose 4 bodies

If Awami League loses 1 body, BNP will lose 4 bodies
If Awami League loses 1 body, BNP will lose 4 bodies

The News Narayanganj.com Port Representative: Published: November 3, 2023, 10:44 pm

Bandar Upazila Awami League’s initiative of Bandar Upazila Awami League to protest the 3-day blockade program called by BNP continues at Madanpur bus stand for the 3rd day.

As part of this, during the day-long peaceful stay program on Thursday (November 2), President of Bandar Upazila Awami League and chairman of Bandar Upazila Parishad, freedom fighter MA Rashid said, ‘Joy Bangla slogan comes from the heart’. Which is mixed with the existence of Bangladesh. With this slogan, we have worked like a night watchman to protect the lives and property of the people. BNP has oppressed us a lot. Harassed with lawsuits and assaults. They are still unjustly burning cars, killing policemen and journalists. But we did not do such a movement. We carried out peaceful agitations and programs. BNP has failed by all conspiracies. They now want to dispose of the body. If any leader-worker of Awami League is injured in this movement, then our Awami League will bear all the expenses of his treatment. If Awami League loses 1 body, BNP will lose 4 bodies. No discount will be given. I will not give them a single drop. If you burn cars, harm people, then you will not have houses. BNP is killing like the Jews of Israel. We want to see beautiful Bangladesh under the leadership of public leader Sheikh Hasina. So be prepared to resist them.

General Secretary of Bandar Upazila Awami League Kazim Uddin Pradhan spoke as a special guest at the peace rally presided over by Vice President of Bandar Upazila Awami League Abdur Razzak. Narayanganj metropolitan Awami League leader Humayon Kabir Mridha, upazila Awami League vice-president Md. also spoke at the peace rally. Azizul Haque, M.A. Salam, Organizing Secretary Machum Ahmed, Kalagachia Union Awami League General Secretary AKM Ibrahim Kashem, Madanpur Union Awami League President Mahid Bhuiyan, General Secretary Nazim Uddin, Muchapur Union Awami League President Mojibur Rahman, Awami League Leader SI Jewel, Nasik Ward 23 Jubo League Leader Shahnewaz. Rayat, Quddus Mridha, Mosaddek Ali Angur, Habibur Rahman Habib, Ziaul Hasan Babu, Zahid Hossain Badsha Mridha and other leaders of the upazila Awami League and organizations.

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