Housewife gang-raped after calling her about ‘husband’s road accident’

Housewife gang-raped after calling her about ‘husband’s road accident’
Housewife gang-raped after calling her about ‘husband’s road accident’

The News Fatullah representative: Published: November 3, 2023, 07:57 pm

An allegation of gang-raping a housewife by calling her on her mobile phone after talking about ‘husband’s road accident’ in Fatulla and recording the scene of the rape on her mobile phone was found. Police arrested a young man named Riyaz (20) in this incident.

The incident took place in Pagla Shanti Niwas area of ​​Fatulla Model Police Station on Thursday (November 2) morning.

The aggrieved housewife filed a rape case at Fatulla Model Police Station naming two persons including the arrested Riaz and accusing three others who were not identified. When the housewife came at night and filed a written complaint at Fatulla Model Police Station, the police arrested Riaz at night.

It is known that the husband of the housewife ferries and collects scraps. They had prior acquaintance with the arrested Riaz and the accused Rakib (20). On Thursday around nine o’clock in the morning, Riaz called to inquire about the whereabouts of the plaintiff’s husband and informed him that his husband had met with a road accident and was in Pagla area. On hearing the news, the plaintiff with her five-year-old child quickly went in front of Pagla Surya cinema hall. From there he was taken to a house in the arrested Riaz Pagla Shanti Niwas area and told that the husband of the plaintiff was lying inside one of the houses there. The plaintiff entered the room with his infant son and found accused Rakib and other three youths already staying there. Later, an unidentified young man went out of the house with the infant son in the arms of the plaintiff. Later, the arrested Riaz along with the other three plaintiffs were raped in turn. The accused recorded the rape scene on mobile phones. When the plaintiff fell ill, he took the baby son home in the afternoon and threatened not to tell anyone.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Fatulla Model Police Station Nur Azam Mia said that a case has been registered in this incident. An accused in the case has been arrested. He said that efforts are being made to arrest the other accused.

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