Thousands of people flock to see the tunnel during the day, accidents at night

Thousands of people flock to see the tunnel during the day, accidents at night
Thousands of people flock to see the tunnel during the day, accidents at night

Some came from Chakria in Cox’s Bazar, some came from Mirsarai in Chittagong. Someone is sitting in a private car. Some by bus. Everyone’s destination is one-Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel!

On Friday (November 3), all the roads of Chittagong were like a tunnel. Because of that, there was a traffic jam in the area of ​​about three kilometers on both sides of the tunnel.

Friday was the first holiday after the opening of the tunnel. That day everyone rushed to see the tunnel with family and friends. Many take private cars. However, there is provision for those who did not have a private car. Various buses and microbuses are giving everyone an opportunity to see the tunnel at Tk 50,100 and Tk 200 respectively.

Meanwhile, a private car was crushed by a bus in the tunnel after nine o’clock on Friday night. At least three people were injured. The tiles on the side walls of the tunnel are slightly damaged. The private car was coming towards Patenga through the Anwara end of the tunnel. At this time, the bus hit from behind. After the accident, the security personnel of the tunnel rescued the injured and arranged for vehicles to move through one side.

The tunnel is crowded

MM Shoaib went to see the tunnel with 12 family members from Bahaddarhat in the city. This bank official told, ‘I have been waiting since the opening of the tunnel. Finally, when the holidays came, I ran with the whole family. I passed under the water in an instant, Karnaphuli. Really great experience.’

On Friday afternoon, at the Anwara end of the tunnel, it can be seen that people have descended on the tunnel connecting road from Chatri Chaumuhani Bazar. Due to the crowd of people and cars, there is no place to hold the mole. Along with permanent shops, buying and selling is going on by setting up temporary shops.

Shahid Ullah came to see the tunnel with his friends from Chakria in Cox’s Bazar. This businessman said, this is not only ours, but the first tunnel in South Asia. Not seeing it would have missed something big. So I quickly left.

Driver Nabi Hossain was taking passengers to the tunnel by microbus from Chatri Chaumuhani area. He said, since the opening of the tunnel, I have been driving here only on rent. Several times I am bringing and taking passengers from this end of the tunnel to that end. 200 taka per person to bring from Anwara end to Patenga and from Patenga end to Anwara.

Bus driver Jahangir Alam is also going to the tunnel with passengers. He said, from Chatri Chowmuhani in Anwara, I am taking 50 taka from each passenger to return to Anwar through the tunnel and return to Patenga.

Meanwhile, the toll plaza workers are seen having a busy time as the traffic pressure of visitors increases.

Many visitors who come to see the tunnel kill two birds with one stone. Along with the tunnel, they also visited Patenga and Anwarar Parki Beach. As the crowd of visitors increases, the shopkeepers also smile.

Yashin Hero, owner of a restaurant called Bhojan Bari at the entrance of the Anwara end of the tunnel, said that since the opening of the tunnel, there has been chaos. But Friday being a holiday, more people came than the rest of the day. Because of this, sales have also increased.

Police were at both ends to provide security to the people coming to the tunnel. On the other hand, the navy was in charge inside the tunnel

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