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What was known about Humaira Himu’s suicide

What was known about Humaira Himu’s suicide
What was known about Humaira Himu’s suicide

RAB-1 arrested Mohammad Ziauddin alias Rufi alias Urfi Zia, accused in the death of popular actress Humaira Himu, from Banshal area of ​​the capital.

It is initially known that popular actress Humaira Nusrat Himu committed suicide yesterday (November 2) at her residence in Uttara of the capital. In that incident, the victim Himur’s aunt filed a case at Uttara Paschim police station in the capital; whose case number-02, dated 02 November 2023. When the incident was publicized in various print and electronic media, it became widely discussed across the country. RAB increased intelligence surveillance with the aim of uncovering the mystery of the incident and arresting those involved.

Last midnight, the intelligence wing of RAB headquarters and a raiding team of RAB-1 conducted an operation in Banshal area of ​​the capital and arrested Mohammad Ziauddin alias Rufi alias Urfi Zia (37), accused of abetment to suicide. The preliminary interrogation provided important information regarding the arrest of Himur’s suicide.

Initial inquiries revealed that the victim, Humaira Nusrat Himu, is a popular actress and has been acting for more than two decades. In 2014, the arrested Ziauddin got married to Humaira Himu’s cousin and within a few days they got divorced due to family problems. The victim Himu was introduced to Ziauddin who was arrested due to family relations. Ziauddin’s marriage with Himu’s cousin was divorced, but Himu and Ziauddin were in regular contact, the arrestee said.

Later arrested Ziauddin got married elsewhere, but he kept in regular contact with Himu in different ways and they developed a close relationship before last 4 months. At one point, the arrested Ziauddin told the victim that he used to visit her house regularly with the promise of marriage. Quarrels and arguments often arose between them on various issues.

The arrested also said that the victim Himu had told the arrested Ziauddin that he would commit suicide 3/4 times before, but he did not commit suicide later. This time, like before, when the arrested Ziauddin was told about the victim’s suicide, he did not pay attention to the matter. But when the victim Himu hanged him with a tied rope after a while, the arrested Ziauddin failed to bring him down. At this time, he called the victim Himu’s makeup artist Mihir who was in the next room. Later, Mihir brought a bow from the kitchen and cut the rope and lowered him down. Later, with the help of the arrested Ziauddin, house janitor and Mihir, Himu was taken from home to a hospital in the capital where the doctor on duty declared the victim Himu dead.

It is said that legal action is under process against the arrested accused.

The article is in Bengali

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