The price of curry is decreasing. Fish-meat, potato, onion

The price of curry is decreasing. Fish-meat, potato, onion
The price of curry is decreasing. Fish-meat, potato, onion

everyday products in the market yet the price to ride Taritakari the price a little a little by doing to decrease Even though potatoes, onion, vegetable, the chicken And of fish the price every day increasing in sugar duty discount And potatoes of import Also in the news the market situation did not change rather With onions Nana kind of of consumer goods Retail in the market upwards trend aim to do is going

Friday Chittagong of the city different the market turn around see gone, vegetable Sellers small cauliflower 50 from 60 in money Kg sale doing Govt the price prescribed Even if yet Kg 60 money at the rate potatoes sale Retail in the market Onion Kg 110 money consumers Retail stage additional At the price to buy being onion onion And Potatoes the price with so much Manipulation even though A about silent attention Organizations. As a result careless Sellers.

Retail in the market now together more Amount the market to do leave gave Buyers. many 250 from 5 hundredthe village onion buying because as of income with of expense of compatibility talk saying they are On the other hand of the week in the interval in kg 10 money less Eggplant Kg now 60 money stable there is raw papaya the price, which per Kg sale being 25 in money However per Kg 10 money increased sweet pumpkin sale being 40 from 45 in money And Patol sale being 60 from 70 in money as well as of gravel The price too additional all in the market Chittagong per Kg the crow 80 money in the market new to come Sim sale being poa (250 the village) as per poa 40 money as in kg the price is reading 160 money

On the other hand of fish in the market The price too quite to ride Prohibition at the end frozen of hilsa see matching in the market, However the price skyscraper 5 hundredthe village of weight per Kg hilsa sale being 7 hundredin money Burma Rui Kg 350 money, fifty 180, tilapia Kg 220, molassesChapila Kg 4 hundred‘, Katala the fish Kg 290 in money sale being

weekly holiday day Because Chittagong Rayazuddin the market other of the day compared to quite crowded the market turn around see gone, of vegetables with the chicken or other products too the other day compared to somewhat more at the price sale being Sellers saying, Friday weekly holiday day Because the buyer more In this demand increases As a result supply in tension a few of the product the price additional in the market vegetable And of fish as well as additional of meat the price native of chicken Kg 550 money, golden 320, Broiler the chicken 180 weekly in the market to come Buyers saying, the price additional remains Venus And saturday holiday in days these about the consumer the right And Administration of surveillance need but their direct Surveillance no Because Repeatedly the price with Manipulation is general people from pocket cuts unscrupulous Sellers. meanwhile, the price to increase behind political restlessness And of the blockade due to supplies less to be complaints too picking up someone someone but of the highway towards aim If you do see goes, of the blockade effect that way did not read because passenger the bus movement less Although cargo carrier the truck, Mini the truck And pickup The vans normal of time same as movement doing the market situation stable to keep Administration Monitoring need says in mind doing Consumers.

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