Drug addicted son hacked his mother to death

Drug addicted son hacked his mother to death
Drug addicted son hacked his mother to death

In Narayanganj’s Fatulla, a son has been accused of hacking his mother to death. In this incident, the police arrested the accused son along with his wife.

The incident took place in Fatulla Shiachar Ukilbari area yesterday at 12 o’clock on Thursday night. The accused boy’s name is Suman Mia (35). At night, he killed his mother Madhubala Begum (55) by cutting him on the street in front of the house. Suman’s father Nurul Islam filed a case as plaintiff in this incident.

Eyewitnesses said that Madhubala’s bloodied body was seen coming out of the house after hearing the screams of a woman on the street around 12:30 pm. Madhubala’s son Suman was standing next to him. Suman was basically a drug addict. At one stage of arguing with his mother at home, he chased him with a stick and threw his mother on the street and hacked him to death.

Suman’s father Nurul Islam said, we run a rice hotel together with husband and wife. Suman is the second of my two sons and two daughters. Suman was divorced by his wife due to mental problems and went home with two daughters. Then he was sent abroad. On the night of the incident, I returned from the shop and saw that Suman had thrown his mother on the street and hacked her to death. I went to the house and saw that he was sleeping with the bottle in his hand. Immediately inform the police. The police came and arrested him.

In this regard, Noore Azam Mia, officer in charge (OC) of Fatulla Model Police Station said, ‘The son has been arrested on the charge of murdering his mother. The boy is being called unbalanced by his family. We are investigating the matter. He will be sent to court in the afternoon.’

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