The youth of Noakhali was shot dead in Libya

The youth of Noakhali was shot dead in Libya
The youth of Noakhali was shot dead in Libya

An armed terrorist looted the money and goods after shooting dead the Libyan expatriate youth Jagdish Das (36), a resident of Noakhali Senbagh.

Muhammadpur Union Parishad Chairman Feroz Alam Regan confirmed this information on Friday (November 3) afternoon.

Before that, he was shot dead in Safa area in Libya on Thursday, November 2 at noon Bangladesh time.

Deceased Jagdish Das (36) is the son of Gokul Chandra Das of Sahajirhat Das Para of Dakshin Mohammadpur village of Noakhali Senbag Upazila Mohammadpur Union Ward No. 7.
The victim’s father Gokul Chandra Das said that Jagadish migrated to Safa area in Libya in search of livelihood 6 years ago. He was the father of one child. There he cultivated vegetables and various fruit and flower trees in the nursery.

It is known that a few days ago the herd of goats belonging to the owner’s nephew destroyed many trees of Jagdish’s nursery. He complained about this several times against the nephew of the owner he worked under.

He also said that a few days ago, Jagdish told the owner’s nephew, “Dada, see how many trees your goats have destroyed in my nursery.” Last Thursday around noon, the nephew of the owner complained that some of his goats could not be found. Later on Thursday around noon when Jagdish sat down to eat, the nephew of the owner suddenly came and shot him dead. Later in the evening, my younger son Santosh, who was in Libya, confirmed the death of his elder brother over the phone.

Senbag Upazila Nirbahi Officer Jisan bin Majed said, we were not informed about the matter. However, if the deceased’s family wants official cooperation, we will provide all kinds of cooperation.

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