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Student dies after being stuck in a reckless bike moving truck


Special Correspondent

Chittagong Bureau: A college student riding a motorcycle died in a collision with a truck in Chittagong city. According to the police, the rider of the motorcycle driving at a reckless speed entered the moving truck himself.

The accident took place at Bisik Shilpa intersection of Chandgaon police station of the city on Thursday (November 2) around 3 pm. The deceased Mohammad Rafa (19) is a resident of Chandgaon area and a second year HSC student of the local Hajera Tuj College.

Police and witnesses said that Rafa was returning home on a motorcycle late at night after playing football on the turf (artificial field). At Bisik Shilpa intersection, the speeding motorcycle rammed a moving minitruck in front and some parts got inside it. Meanwhile, Rafa and his friend on the same motorcycle fell on the road. Rafa’s head is almost severed from his body.

Police went to the spot and recovered his body. The injured friend was sent to the hospital. At that time, the police checked and found out that the motorcycle was being driven at a speed of 130 km per hour.

Inspector (Investigation) of Chandgaon Police Station. Chhabed Ali told Sarabangla, “Rafa died on the spot as he fell off the motorcycle due to a collision with a minitruck. We are trying to intercept the truck. A case has been filed at the police station.


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