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West Bengal CPM | Sitaram Yechury gave his explanation to Bengal CPM about Opposition Alliance INDIA dgtl

West Bengal CPM | Sitaram Yechury gave his explanation to Bengal CPM about Opposition Alliance INDIA dgtl
West Bengal CPM | Sitaram Yechury gave his explanation to Bengal CPM about Opposition Alliance INDIA dgtl

The photo of Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee alongside Sitaram Yechury in several meetings of the anti-BJP alliance ‘India’ caused a lot of anger in the CPM grassroots. After coming to Bengal after a long day, the general secretary of the party explained that he was on a stage in front of the top leaders of the state CPM on Friday.

The extended session of the CPM State Committee has started at the Howrah district office of the party from Friday. In the opening speech of that session, Yechury said, “‘India’ was created to save India.” If the country is to be moved forward, then the country must first be saved. All those who want to come to that work should be taken.

After this, the CPM general secretary brought up the topic of his photo directly next to Mamata. He said, “Many of you said why I was with Mamata Banerjee. The point is not to side with Mamata Banerjee. The whole country knows that Trinamool was a partner of BJP earlier. Again, if necessary, they can understand. But the overall concept from which ‘India’ has been created, all those who want to come should be accepted.” He also clarified that ‘India’ is not an electoral alliance. As a result, there is no question of reconciliation in the state with the Trinamool.

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When Yechury tactfully attacked the ‘wobble’ of the ruling party in Bengal by drawing on the Trinamool’s past ties with the BJP, the Tnamool also hit back. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Yechuri must know that in 1988, Jyoti Bose, Vishwanath Pratap Singh and Atal Bihari Vajpayee held a rally at Shahid Minar Maidan in Kolkata to defeat Rajiv Gandhi. That time the BJP lost 2 to 84 across the country. And in 2019, it is the CPM people who have increased them in Bengal by voting for the BJP.”

The extended session of the CPM state committee in Howrah will continue till Sunday. Basically, some organizational issues and Lok Sabha poll strategy will be finalized from this meeting. Citing an old example, Yechury said, “When everyone unites to defeat Indira Gandhi, we do student movement. Many of us protested at that time. BT Randiveh explained to us that if a car from Delhi breaks down on the way to Agra, it has to be pushed. Call the people around. Those who will come, will be judged among them? Or will the immediate purpose be to push the car?”

The opposition parties sat together for the first time in Patna last June. The meeting at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s residence was followed by a meeting in Bengaluru. Right there, the name of the opposition alliance will be ‘India’. After that another meeting was held in Mumbai. Incidentally, since that meeting in June, Yechury has not come to the state for any program of the party. Friday came after five months.

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