Jail killing day celebrated in Sirajganj


November 3, 2023 18:36

Sirajganj Representative:

Jail killing day was celebrated in Sirajganj. On the occasion of the day, flowers were paid to the portraits of Bangabandhu and Shaheed M Mansur Ali at the party office at the initiative of the district Awami League, the national flag was half-masted and the black flag was raised at the party office. In addition, a prayer ceremony was held to pray for the souls of the four national leaders.

In the afternoon, a commemorative discussion meeting of the four national leaders was organized at the district Awami League office. District Awami League president Adv. K. M. Hossein Ali Hassan spoke in the chairmanship, member of parliament Dr. Habibe Millat Munna, General Secretary Abdus Samad Talukdar, Vice President Abu Yusuf Surya, Thana Awami League President Adv. Abdul Hakim, General Secretary Nurul Islam Sajal, Municipal Awami League General Secretary Salim Ahmed and others. Also Kazipur Upazila Awami League has held various programs. Meanwhile, the speakers demanded that the fugitive murderers of the four national leaders be brought back to the country and speedy execution of justice. At the same time, cherishing the ideals of Bangabandhu and the four national leaders, he announced to resist the nationwide anarchy and all conspiracies of Jamaat-BNP.

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