Hilsa returned to the market, the price is out of reach

Hilsa returned to the market, the price is out of reach
Hilsa returned to the market, the price is out of reach

The ban on catching hilsa was lifted. From Mokam to the market of the capital, there is a rush of sales everywhere. However, the price is beyond the reach of common people as the first day supply is low. 1 kg of hilsa was sold for Tk 1,200 in Barisal-Lakshmipur and Tk 1,400 in Dhaka market. However, many people had the question whether these Hilsa cold stories or not.

The 22-day ban has ended. The fishing net has fallen in the river. Hilsa reached the destination before daylight.

But the size of this hilsa is not too big. Traders at Barisal’s largest wholesale fish market, Portroad Aarat, say that supply will increase in Mokam within two to three days. What is coming now is much less than the demand.

As supply is low, prices are high. Medium hilsa is 40 thousand in wholesale. 48,000 for one kg and 55,000 for one and a half kg of hilsa.

One kilogram of hilsa retails for 1,500 hilsa, one and a half kg hilsa for 1,500 and under 1 kg is sold from Tk 600 per kg.

Laxmipur fisherman Sharfullah Majhi said, ‘Fishing was stopped for 22 days. Going fishing in the river after the ban was lifted from midnight. Hilsa is less caught in nets. This does not increase the cost of engine oil. Again, the hilhas that are available have eggs in their stomachs.

After the ban, the fishermen of Lakshmipur are going for hilsa hunting with boats and nets. Photo: The Independent

Tofail, a fish trader of Laxmipur’s Maju Chowdhury Hat, said, ‘Hilsa fishing has started from today. However, relatively less hilsa is being caught. I hope the hilsa market will be normal after two-three days.’

Lakshmipur District Fisheries Officer. Aminul Islam said, ‘Hilsa production in the country is increasing every year due to planned management including ban on fishing during breeding season. It benefits all concerned including fishermen. The joint operation of administration, police, coast guard and fisheries department has also been successful this year. Fishermen have gone down to the river since midnight. The fish caught in their nets is less. But more are expected to be caught in the future.’

Hilsa is also being sold in the market of the capital. But the supply is short. 1,400 for 1 kg, 1,500 for more than 1 kg and 1,000 to 1,300 for hilsa weighing less than 1 kg.

Sujan, who came to Karwan market to buy fish, said, ‘I have not eaten hilsa for the past several days. Today I thought I would taste a little hilsa. But when I come to the market and see the price of hilsa, it seems that hilsa will not be bought today.’

In this regard, Kamal, a fish trader in Karwan Bazar, said, ‘The supply of hilsa is low so the price is a little high. However, the price may come down a little in a few days.

However, there was a question whether the fish could come to the capital market so quickly after the ban on catching hilsa at night. Many complain – these hilsa have been taken out of cold storage.

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