Jail killing day celebrated in Gazipur-936167


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Jail killing day celebrated in Gazipur

Gazipur Representative:

Prison killing day has been observed with due dignity in Kapasia of Gazipur. On the occasion of celebrating the day, Kapasia Upazila Executive Officer AKM Golam Morshed Khan and Upazila Parishad Chairman Md. Amanat Hossain Khan presented the wreath. Officer-in-charge of Kapasia Police Station Md. Abubakar Mia, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Rifat Noor Moushumi and others were also present at the time.

Later, Chairman of Gazipur Zilla Parishad Md. Motahar Hossain paid tribute to Mullah Tajuddin Ahmed’s mural by placing a wreath. Apart from this, the leaders of Kapasia Upazila Awami League and other allied organizations along with the leaders and workers offered wreaths. Bangtaj Tajuddin Adarsh ​​High School, Dasunarayanpur, Kapasia organized a mourning procession to mark the day.

Also, in the afternoon Milad and prayers were organized in memory of Tajuddin Ahmad and four national leaders in the mosque and temple of Kapasia upazila.

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