Elephant Herd | 2 people died amid elephant hard on rampage dgtld

Elephant Herd | 2 people died amid elephant hard on rampage dgtld
Elephant Herd | 2 people died amid elephant hard on rampage dgtld

Two people died after being attacked by an elephant in Cooch Behar. A group of six elephants has been roaming the area for the past few days. The forest department and the police-administration are continuing efforts to drive away the herd of elephants. Although it does not work at all. The herd of elephants is running rampant in the locality. In this context, the question arises, there is no forest left for elephants to live around the city of Cooch Behar. So where did the herd of elephants come from? The forest department and the police administration have so far reported the death of two people due to elephant attacks, but local sources claim that a total of four people have died due to elephant attacks. Two of the dead were women. It is known that a forest worker has also been seriously injured. In case of death due to an elephant attack, it is customary for the forest department to provide financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh to the family of the deceased.

After going on rampage in the morning on Thursday, the herd of elephants started rampaging in Mathabhanga 2 block from Friday morning. According to sources, one person died in an elephant attack in Tauorikata area of ​​Paradubi village panchayat of Mathabhanga 2 block. The name of the deceased is Budeshwar Adhikari. Age 65 years. It is known that Budeshwar was cutting grass in the field at that time. At that time he fell facing the herd of elephants. Couldn’t live anymore. The elephant twisted and beat him. He died on the spot. The incident spread sensation in the area. Since morning, half a dozen elephants roamed the vast area of ​​Shitalkhuchi and Mathabhanga. ADFO Bijan Nath said, “A person named Budeshwar Adhikari died after being attacked by an elephant in Paradubi area of ​​Mathabhanga Block 2. We are trying to reintroduce elephants to the wild. Right now, I have come to know that the elephant group is roaming in the 12-mile area of ​​Mathabhanga.

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Before the news of this incident came to light, a person died after being attacked by an elephant in Bhanurkuthi of Mathabhanga 2nd block. According to local sources, a villager named Anand Pramanik died on the spot when he was attacked by a herd of elephants while cutting grass in the paddy field in Bhanurkuthi area. The police of Ghoksadanga police station and Mathabhanga forest department personnel rushed to the spot after receiving the news of the incident.

According to local sources, two women of Unishbisha area died after falling in front of a herd of elephants. Among the dead is 68-year-old Rekharani Roy. He is a resident of Ghoksadanga High Road, Unisabisha. The name of the other deceased is Jayanthi Sarkar. 46-year-old Jayanthi lived in Banikpara, Nanishbisha. Locals claim that a total of four people died in the attack by the herd of elephants. However, neither the forest department nor the police-administration has yet officially confirmed the news of the death of two other women.

Efforts are underway to return the elephant herd to the wild. But for the last 48 hours continuous hula party has worked but to no avail. In addition to human deaths due to elephant attacks, bigha after bigha of crops are destroyed by the pressure of elephants’ feet. The farmers of the area are affected by this. Problems are also being created in maintaining law and order. Because people are flocking to see elephants. In all, the forest department is rushing to bring six elephants to the forest.

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