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He is not my lover, but a childhood friend : Dighi

He is not my lover, but a childhood friend : Dighi
He is not my lover, but a childhood friend : Dighi

A picture has gone viral on social media. Where a young man is seen with Dighi. The young man is looking at the camera with his hand on his shoulder and his head. But what is Dighi love? Such questions on social media. Gunjan talks to Pradhan Fardeen Dighi on current affairs Mahtab Hossain

How are you Dighi? What are you busy with now?
i am fine Because the busyness with Mujib biopic is gone now busy time is spent with studies.

Oh! Yes, tell me about your university life, how are classes going; Who are dear friends?
University life is very happy. I am in fourth semester now. Got some good friends like Jidni, Soumik. They help me in many ways.

Shooting classes do not appear to be conflicting?
No, it’s not a problem. I tell the people I work with in advance that I have classes. That’s how I make the schedule.

What does Dighi do outside of class shooting?
Read books, watch movies.

Who is the favorite author? Who is watching the movie?
My favorite writer is Humayun Ahmed. I am a big fan of Miss Ali. It’s hard and I don’t get new books. And I watch movies of Ranbir Kapoor, you know my favorite actor. Also watch movies of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, late actor Irfan Khan.

Dear or who then?
Katrina Kaif of course

This picture with a boy has spread on social media, who is the boy? Everyone says Dighi is in love…
not at all He is my childhood friend. I can’t understand who is spreading rumors about it. The boy is our family friend, we grew up together since childhood.

Well be good. So far today…

You will be fine too.

The article is in Bengali

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