Onion price increased by Rs 40 per kg

Onion price increased by Rs 40 per kg
Onion price increased by Rs 40 per kg

In Kolkata, onion prices have increased by Rs 40 per kg in a span of 10 days. Onion was sold at Tk 70-80 per kg in the open market on Friday (November 3). Mother Dairy, run by the state government, sold onions at Rs 67 per kg. 10 days ago the price was Rs.30-40.

According to agriculturist Buddhendu Roy, this problem would not have happened if new onions came in the market at the right time. Onion cultivation has been delayed due to weather this year. Stored onion stock has decreased. As a result, there has been a problem in supply. In such a situation, wholesale and retail onion prices are on the rise.

Vishal Chand, a trader at Kolkata’s largest onion market in Sealdah, said that the price has increased due to continuous no entry during the puja. Moreover, the price of one ton of onion in the country’s market is 1800 to 1900 rupees, if it is exported to Bangladesh, it is available at around 2400 rupees. As a result, onions are being exported. This has increased the price in the country’s market.

Meanwhile, the task force of the state has started strict monitoring of price control in Kolkata from Thursday. The central government has fixed the minimum export price to maintain the supply and price of onion. According to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India, the export price of onion per ton has been fixed at 800 dollars till December 31 of this year. Even then, if the price is not brought under control, the export of onion may be stopped if necessary.

Meanwhile, the Congress Seva Dal protested by dropping onion ornaments in front of Kole Market in Kolkata. The Left, Congress and Trinamool held demonstrations in various districts of West Bengal by hanging onion garlands.

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