Gold Price Today Silver Price Today In Bengal 3 November 2023

Gold Price Today Silver Price Today In Bengal 3 November 2023
Gold Price Today Silver Price Today In Bengal 3 November 2023

Gold Price Today : This period before Diwali is very important for buying gold. The gold shop is quite crowded at this time. So before going to the gold shop keep an eye on the price of gold.

It is difficult to find a Bengali who does not look at the price of gold and silver at the beginning of the day. Whether as a hobby or an investment, gold (Gold Rate Today) has no comparison. Let’s buy gold in connection with auspicious events. How much is the correct price of gold and silver in the market today? You can find out how the price of gold and silver is going every day with just one click. According to Save the Gold Industry Committee (SSBC)*

Gold Price in Kolkata: Today’s Rate (November 2, 2023)

how many carats how much weight Price (in Rupees)
24 carat (Fine Gold 995) 1 gram 6091
22 carats (if purchased) 1 gram 5884
22 carats (if sold) 1 gram 5543
18 carats 1 gram 4848

Today’s Silver Price:

silver 1 kg 71197

An additional 3 percent GST will be added to the above mentioned prices when purchasing gold and silver. That is, the prices mentioned above do not include GST.
Source: Save the Gold Industry Committee (SSBC)*

How pure gold is depends on the karat. The purest gold is 24 carat. It means that no other metal is mixed with that gold. The lower the carat of the gold, the more alloys are added to the gold. For example, 18 carat gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent other metals.

Also fineness also shows how pure the gold is. For example, if it says 24 carats (995), then that gold contains 995 parts gold and the rest is other metals. 24 carats (999) is the purest gold. There is also 22 carat gold, its fineness is 916, (916 gold rate today) jewelry is made with 22 carat gold. 18 carat gold is generally used for stone setting, diamond jewelry making.
Pure gold is so soft that it cannot be made into jewelry. As a result, the gold in jewelry is not completely pure. The color of gold changes depending on what other metals are mixed with it. For example, in the case of white gold, usually silver or palladium is used. Copper is used to make rose gold.

* In 1993 Swarna Shilp Bachao Committee was created. This organization is effective in the entire state. The activities of this organization are with goldsmiths and gold traders. Currently its Executive President is Samar Kumar Dey.

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