Kaliakore Jail Massacre Day Celebrated-936114


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Jail Killing Day observed in Kaliakore

Representative of Kaliakor:

A lecture and discussion meeting was held on Friday on the occasion of Jail Killing Day organized by Upazila Chhatra League at Chandra Paur Awami League office in Kaliakore, Gazipur. Upazila Chhatra League president Ishtiaq Kabir Samrat presided over the discussion meeting.

Upazila Chhatra League general secretary Ashiq Dewan presided over the event. Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque MP spoke as the chief guest at the prayer and discussion meeting. Upazila Awami League President Murad Kabir, Gazipur District Awami League Joint Secretary Secretary Mosharf Sikdar, Upazila Awami League Joint General Secretary Rafiqul Islam Tushar, Upazila Parishad Vice Chairman Salim Azad, Municipal Awami League President Sarkar Mosharf Hossain Joy and other leaders and activists also spoke.

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