Blue Aadhaar: Have Blue Aadhaar Card? If not, do it now, otherwise you will be in trouble

Blue Aadhaar: Have Blue Aadhaar Card? If not, do it now, otherwise you will be in trouble
Blue Aadhaar: Have Blue Aadhaar Card? If not, do it now, otherwise you will be in trouble

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Blue Aadhaar: Blue Aadhaar card done? Many may say what is it again! There is aadhar card, but I have not heard about this blue aadhar card. Know that the center has launched this card. If not, do it now. Otherwise you may face various problems. How important is this aadhaar card? What are its benefits? How to do blue aadhar card? Know everything in this report. Aadhaar card is an important identity card for all Indians. At present, this Aadhaar card is mandatory to get any kind of government benefits. In this all your information is secured by biometric system. As a result, the authenticity of the identity can be easily verified. Currently, the government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar in all cases, starting from ration to bank accounts. This time, the central government has brought a new addition to the Aadhaar card. Blue colored Aadhaar card is introduced. This Blue Aadhaar card is not for everyone. This Aadhaar card must be done in special cases. Otherwise their benefits will be stopped. But what is the benefit of this blue Aadhaar card? For whom is this card mandatory?

The normal Aadhaar card has the three colors of the national flag. The new card has a blue print on the front along with these three colors. This blue color identifies that particular type of Aadhaar card. But who is this aadhaar card for? Why is it necessary? This blue colored Aadhaar card is designed exclusively for children below five years of age. Earlier when Aadhaar card was first launched there was no provision for this card for children. So then the children did not need this card. But recently, the government has made Aadhaar card mandatory for children for many important tasks, starting from school admission. For that reason e Aadhaar card organization has prepared special Aadhaar card. Here the blue color is used to distinguish the cards for children below five years from the normal Aadhaar cards.

Here too there is a 12 digit Aadhaar number. Eye iris and finger print scanning of children is not mandatory while generating blue Aadhaar card. While creating this type of Aadhaar card, the fingerprints of the child’s parents have to be scanned to create the Aadhaar card. After the child completes five years of age, the card has to be updated with his/her own information. Or the Blue Aadhaar card is canceled after five years. There is a special procedure for getting this Blue Aadhaar card for children. This card cannot be used online. For this you have to take your child to the Aadhaar card customer service center. First, an appointment must be taken from the Aadhaar organization UIDAI. Then go to CSP and complete the Aadhaar card application. In this case, the child’s birth certificate will be required as a document. Along with that, an identity proof of either of the father or mother will be required.

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