Who is Rufi, Himu’s alleged lover?

Who is Rufi, Himu’s alleged lover?
Who is Rufi, Himu’s alleged lover?

RAB has arrested her alleged lover Mohammad Ziauddin Rufi who is absconding in connection with the death of popular small screen actress Humaira Himu. RAB gave his name as Mohammad Ziauddin, but after Himu’s death, his name was said to be Urfi Zia.

In personal life Rufi was married. Humaira used to live on an app called Himu Bigo Live. From there, the two met. The alleged lover had an account on Bigo Live under the name Rufi. From there, a heartwarming relationship was formed between the two.

In this regard, a person identified as Himu’s aunt said, ‘As far as I know, Himu’s acquaintance with that friend is from Bigo Apps. He is a good sender. I told him (Himu), you live, support but don’t go till marriage. I only talked to him four or five days ago. Her lover’s name is Ziauddin. His ID name is Rufi. Real name Ziauddin Rufia. Himu also blocked him.’

He also said, ‘Mihir was on the spot. She is not Himu’s sister but a makeup artist. He can better tell when Rufi went to Himu’s house. As far as I heard, Rufi went there after noon. Then he and Mihir brought him to the hospital. When the death was confirmed, Rufi ran away with Himu’s mobile phone.

In this regard, Deputy Police Commissioner of Uttara Division Morshed Alam said, ‘He was talking about marriage with his lover Rufi. He also had a quarrel with Humaira Himu for a few days After Himu’s death, he left her in the hospital and ran away.’

He also said, ‘Actress Himu was from a broken family. He lived in a flat in Uttara with one of his adopted brothers. She had a love affair with a boy. Himu had a conflict with that lover. This incident can happen from there.’

It is to be noted that the body of actress Humaira Himu was recovered from the fan hangar on Wednesday afternoon with a rope hanging around her neck. Initially, the police came to know that he had committed suicide.


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