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In the currency market of the country, the price of the main international currency dollar has increased by 50 paise. In this, the rate of US currency in export and remittance stood at 110 taka 50 paisa and 111 taka in import. And the maximum price per dollar in interbank has been fixed at 114 rupees.

Association of Bankers Bangladesh (ABB) and Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Authorized Dealers Association (BAFEDA) called an emergency meeting on Tuesday (October 31) night. It came into effect from Wednesday (November 1).

In the meeting, Bafeda Chairman and Managing Director (MD) and CEO of Sonali Bank. Afzal Karim, Chairman of ABB and Managing Director (MD) of BRAC Bank Salim R. F. Hossain and Managing Directors of various commercial banks were present.

Afzal, MD and CEO of Sonali Bank said that the rate has been increased by 50 paise per dollar. Besides, a part of the remittance has to be sold inter-bank.

According to the decision of the meeting, the banks through which remittances of more than 2 crore dollars will come in a month, will have to compulsorily sell at least 10 percent to inter-banks. Due to the dollar crisis, many banks are unable to pay their previous debts. As a result, this decision has been accepted.

Before this, it was decided in the meeting of ABB and BAFEDA on October 21, that the commercial banks will be able to pay two and a half percent more than the fixed price of Tk 110 to buy 1 dollar. So far, greenbacks could be bought at 110 taka and sold at a maximum of 110 taka 50 paisa. This time the price has increased.

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