Holiday announced in most factories of Ashulia – all over the country


In Ashulia of the industrial area of ​​Savar, there were three consecutive days of labor unrest demanding wage hike, but there were no reports of labor protests anywhere throughout the day on Wednesday. On this day, if the atmosphere in the industrial area is calm, besides creating fear in the minds of people, there is a quiet atmosphere. A general holiday has been declared in most of the factories along with additional police deployment in industrial areas for security reasons.

No laborers were seen gathering on the road at Jamgra, Sixtala, Narsinghpur area of ​​Tongi-Ashulia-EPZ road on Wednesday morning. Police are on high alert on the road even though no protest or procession has taken place.

On inquiry, it is known that 32 factories including Envoy, Ha-Mim, Deco, Sharmin, FNF, The Rose, Palamal located in Jamgara and its surrounding areas are on general holidays. In three other factories namely Fashion Forum, IDS, Uchho Fashion, workers are also given leave if they go in the morning. Besides, the workers of a factory called Jitco left the factory themselves in the morning.

At around 8:30 am, 30-40 workers tried to block the road by breaking some fences of the elevated expressway in Nishchintpur. At this time, the police explained them and sent them home.

Besides, the workers tried to get down at various points on the road, but eventually everyone went home. Only NASA group factory workers tried to protest in the morning, they were dispersed by the police presence and later did not take to the streets.

Police are present at various places on this road with decorated vehicles and water cannons. Apart from this, the leaders and activists of Awami League and its affiliates and affiliated organizations have taken a position on the road.

The notice posted at the main gate of various factories said that all activities of the factory will be closed as per the decision of the factory authorities. Factory operations will continue from Thursday morning. In this case, all officers, employees and workers have been asked to attend the factory on time.

President of the Savar-Ashulia-Dhamrai Regional Committee of Bangladesh Garments Industrial Workers Federation. Ibrahim said, ‘General holidays are going on in 32 factories. Some more factories have been given leave. One of these factories has been put on indefinite leave. We hope that all factories will start working in full swing from Thursday.’

He also said, ‘On Tuesday, we leaders of 35 labor organizations held an emergency meeting on the call of General Secretary of Ashulia Thana Awami League Muhammad Saiful Islam. Later it was decided from that meeting that we the labor leaders will convey the right message to the workers. At night we did the best we could. As a result today (Wednesday) the atmosphere of Ashulia is very calm.

Superintendent of Police (SP) of Shilpa Police-1 Mohammad Sarwar Alam said, ‘The situation on Wednesday is much better than the previous days. Many factories are running, some factories are closed. No problem anywhere. Some factories are closed along the road. Apart from the deployment of additional police, water cannons, armored vehicles have been kept ready to control any untoward situation.


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