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From today, the Rafah crossing will also be opened for injured Palestinians in Gaza

From today, the Rafah crossing will also be opened for injured Palestinians in Gaza
From today, the Rafah crossing will also be opened for injured Palestinians in Gaza

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November 1, 2023 13:58

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The Rafah Crossing is being opened to Palestinians injured in Israeli bombings. From now on, injured Palestinians will be able to get treatment at hospitals in Egypt’s North Sinai region through the Rafah border crossing.

The governor of Sinai, Mohamed Shosha, said this in a televised address on Tuesday.

In the speech, Mohamed Shosha said, all the preparations of the hospitals in the northern region of Sinai have been completed to provide medical services to the wounded Palestinians.

Wael Abu Mohsin, Director of Public Relations of the Rafah Crossing Authority, said that from Wednesday, injured Palestinians will be able to enter North Sinai for treatment.

The border crossing separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt’s Sinai region is located at the southernmost point of the strip. There are two other border crossings out of Gaza, but they are under Israeli control and open or closed at Israel’s discretion.

About 2.3 million Palestinians live in the 365 km territory of Gaza. More than a third of them are directly dependent on relief and financial assistance from the United Nations and other donor countries and organizations. As the other two borders are almost closed, the Rafah crossing is the only way for aid to enter Gaza. For this reason, this crossing is also known as the ‘life line’ of Gaza Palestinians.

On October 7, Palestinian independence group Hamas fighters ambushed Israel. In response to this attack, the Israeli Air Force began operations there from that day.

Egypt closed the Rafah crossing on October 9 due to shelling along the border after the Israeli Air Force launched an operation. It was later opened on October 21 through the intervention of US President Biden. However, Egypt stipulated that only relief trucks could enter the Gaza Strip through this border route and no person from Palestine would be allowed to enter Egypt through this border.

On Wednesday, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported that 8,525 Palestinians had been killed in Israeli bombings until the report was written. At least 21 thousand 543 people were injured. Source: Anadolu Agency

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