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Rajuk inspects multi-storied buildings in Gulshan to reduce accidents

Rajuk inspects multi-storied buildings in Gulshan to reduce accidents
Rajuk inspects multi-storied buildings in Gulshan to reduce accidents

According to the decision of the Urban Development Committee to reduce building accidents in the area under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority, multi-storied buildings have been inspected in Gulshan area in coordination with inter-organizational representatives.

RAJUK Member (Development Control) Mohammad Nasir Uddin led the inspection team in Gulshan-1 area on Wednesday. Representatives of Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, DESCO, BSTI, Director of Development Control-1 and 2 of Rajuk, Authorized Officer of Gulshan area, Director of Zone-4 and other officials of Zone-4 were present.

RAJUK Member (Development Control) Mohammad Nasir Uddin said that in making Dhaka city a modern, livable and safe city, all building owners and developers must construct buildings in accordance with building construction rules and RAJUK rules. This building is an example of preventing disruptions in building construction and reducing fire accidents.

Nasir Uddin said, awareness of the building owner is important to reduce fire accidents. Still many building owners do not pay attention to these issues. Therefore, a quick change is possible if awareness issues are seriously promoted in the media to reduce fire accidents and follow the correct guidelines for building construction.

On this day, the inspection team inspected the 14-storey commercial building constructed by Shanta Holdings Limited at Plot No. 18 of CWS (A) Block adjacent to Gulshan Avenue Road. After the visit, representatives of various organizations and members, directors and authorized officers of RAJUK expressed their views.

Gulshan Area Authorized Officer Imrul Hasan said that the building has been constructed according to the architectural design approved by Rajuk. No structural and architectural design deviations were found here. However, in order to prevent fire accidents, building officials are instructed to reduce the use of combustible materials in the construction of false ceilings and interior design.

Senior Station Manager Syed Monirul Islam, representative of Fire Service and Civil Defense, said that the building has proper fire safety measures and modern fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, fire hydrants have been used to prevent fire accidents. However, the instructions containing the necessary instructions and emergency contact numbers are hidden in the building. It is asked to be placed in a place that is easily visible to all.

(Dhakatimes/01 November/KM)

The article is in Bengali

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