In Kurigram, miscreants killed 50 fishes by poisoning them

In Kurigram, miscreants killed 50 fishes by poisoning them
In Kurigram, miscreants killed 50 fishes by poisoning them

In Rajarhat Upazila of Kurigram, miscreants killed about 50 fishes by applying poison in the pond in the dark of night. The fish farmer claims that the estimated value of these fish is around five lakh taka. The victim’s family filed a written complaint at the police station.

On Wednesday (November 1) morning, local residents found the fishes in the pond of Abdur Razzak, a fisherman in Dhananjay area of ​​Umar Majid Union of the upazila, floating dead. According to the complaint, Abdur Razzak left a private job and started fishing.

Razzak has been farming fish commercially for a year. The fish farm was looked after by husband and wife and they used to support the family by cultivating this fish. Like every day, when he came home from the fish farm after three in the morning on Tuesday night, he was shocked to see dead fish floating on the bank of the pond the next morning. About 50 fishes of different native species including carp, glass carp, sarpunti, katal, rooi, brigade, silver carp, horn have died in his project pond. The estimated value of which is around five lakh taka.

Abdur Razzak said, in the dark of night, someone has killed all the fish in my pond by using poison gas tablets. I am disoriented to see dead fish floating in the pond in the morning. Due to previous enmity, this damage has been done to me. Fish farming is being done with loan money. The miscreants dropped me on the street. I have given written complaint to Rajarhat police station. I want the administration to do proper investigation and fair trial.

Smriti Begum, Abdur Razzak’s wife, said that we husband and wife have been working day and night for this project. Our family runs from this income. I pay for the child’s education. What is the enmity that someone killed the fish in the pond with poison gas tablets in the night. What will happen to us now? We want justice for those who poisoned the pond.

Neighbor Akram Hossain said, I saw enmity between people. But this is the first time I have seen the case of enmity with fish in our area. Someone poisoned the pond in the dead of night and killed all the fish. In the morning, I saw the fish in the pond floating dead. I demand that those who have done this be brought under the law quickly.

Rajarhat Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdullah Hill Zaman confirmed the receipt of the written complaint and said legal action will be taken subject to investigation.

Jewel Rana/MAS

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