8 thousand 796 people died in 25 days in Gaza

8 thousand 796 people died in 25 days in Gaza
8 thousand 796 people died in 25 days in Gaza

8 thousand 796 people have died in the continuous attack of the Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip of Palestine for 25 consecutive days.

The Health Ministry of Hamas-controlled Gaza reported such information in a regular update on Wednesday (November 1).

On October 7, the Palestinian armed group Hamas attacked several illegal settlements in Israel. The Israeli army began to carry out airstrikes in Gaza from that day to take revenge for that attack. Then on October 27, they started a ground attack with tanks and other armored vehicles. For 25 days, their attacks on Gaza have been going on non-stop.

According to the Ministry of Health of Gaza, 3 thousand 648 of the people killed in indiscriminate attacks so far are children.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Wednesday that it had struck 11,000 Hamas installations in Gaza. Many Hamas members were killed and infrastructure damaged.

But statistics tell a different story. According to international media, 70 percent of the people killed in Gaza so far are women and children. Who were not in any way involved in the attack on Israel.

Civilian buildings, hospitals, UN shelters are not exempted from attacks by Israeli occupation forces under the pretext of attacks on Hamas infrastructure. Yesterday also they attacked a densely populated refugee camp. More than 50 people have been killed.

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