Potato promotion, rice and potato prices are equal


Potato promotion, rice and potato prices are equal

Kakan Reza

Kakan Reza: Potatoes finally got the same status as rice. 70 taka per kg of potatoes. One of my dear friends said, ‘Potatoes have survived now, no one will say anymore, eat more potatoes and reduce the pressure on rice’. Another said, ‘Potatoes have been promoted. Alu has been promoted by creating super numerical posts by the syndicate’. No other movement succeeds, potato movement succeeds. Rice and potatoes are now brothers in the father’s stomach.

Every person’s heart rate increases when they go to the market. This market rate may also be the reason for the recent increase in arrhythmias. I bought rice that day for 85 taka per kg. Potatoes were not promoted till then. But the promotion of onion, green chillies has already been done. Everyone got a promotion, the value increased. But our people got demoted. A rickshaw puller was saying, ‘Earlier I could save 10 taka even if I earned 100 taka. Now even earning 1000 taka, I can’t get enough rice for two lunches.’ But there is no need to listen to the words of these rickshaw pullers. They don’t know about doctors anymore. They don’t know, no one dies by taking too little, but by taking too much. Doctors say so. The same is true of clowns, ‘If you eat more, you will get fat, but you won’t be hungry if you eat less’. But the rickshaw pullers are idiots who do not know education. There is no BCS with their name, no dot in Dr before the name, so how can they understand the greatness of eating less. The royal poet of the diamond king understood. So perhaps he was able to give the last match of Khed with Med.

Match only. Months with grass, ducks with corpses. Everything works. Actually have to compare. You have to know the matching technique. Rice and pebbles, rods and bamboos have to be combined. This is how it goes. Two or four people can tell the difference. There is provision for them too. Just as hostels have now become hotels, so are match-match arrangements. You can say it below. However, many people do not know that there is a similarity between force and power. Recently, however, it has been understood where the ball meets the floor. Those who don’t understand, they basically don’t know the similarity. They have only learned to say ‘no’ and have not learned to match the rhythm of the tune. Clowns say that there is no end to learning, so trying to learn is futile. So just learn to catch the similarities, there is no point in learning the differences. That is, ‘Too much knowledge is not good, it causes heartburn at night.’ The royal poet of Hirak Raja does not say, ‘Loss in learning, no meaning no value’. So, as much as can be learned together, it is enough.

Let’s not spend a life in a hurry. What is the need to learn so much? Although Shamsur Rahman called this life, the life of Eridhan’s insect. As the poets say. Crazy people, except their words. There may be a little trouble. Two meals are being prescribed instead of three meals. Good for health too. If you have to walk two miles in Dhaka, why ride a rickshaw-bus? Walking will reduce fat. Meanwhile, eggs contain fat, quail eggs are an alternative to chicken. Small, low fat, eggy taste. Everyone has options. Not only do we not have eyes, we cannot see. Ganja leaves can be used instead of jute leaves, it can be continued. Cannabis may be used instead of jute. Cannabis has been legalized in many countries. They are also developed countries, we also go less or not. It can be assumed that many are trying to get used to this alternative to the idea of ​​a developed country.

Let’s talk about potatoes. Alu really needed the promotion. They like all curries means everything. It takes meat, fish. It is loaded. I did not talk about ‘Chap’ and ‘Chamucha’. Potato is a special ingredient in biryani too, otherwise it doesn’t work. Apart from Biryani, nothing works or freezes these days. Biryani is served in everything from nunu kata festivals to social gatherings. And biryani means potato. Here, however, potatoes are almost equivalent to meat. Potatoes should now truly claim equal status with meat. We know that potato claims are not in vain. Because, they are very necessary, they are needed everywhere. Author: Journalist and columnist

The article is in Bengali

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