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Everyone is playing with the US government: Foreign Minister

Everyone is playing with the US government: Foreign Minister
Everyone is playing with the US government: Foreign Minister

Speaking about the so-called ‘fake’ adviser of the US President, Mia Zahidul Islam Arefi, the Foreign Minister said. AK Abdul Momen said that in our country all people are playing with the US government. It has become like a game.

He said these things while talking about the so-called adviser of the US President at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday (November 1).

The Minister of State said, President Biden is not such a stupid person. He is an advisor. It is very sad, shameful. A fake man, he complained and he held a press conference at the BNP office. Not only the press conference, but before that he talked to the leaders of BNP. Then when he held a press conference, BNP leaders were sitting next to him.

The government has briefed foreign diplomats about the conflict-violence of October 28 in Dhaka. After the government’s action, BNP sent letters to foreign embassies in Dhaka about their position.

Referring to the letters sent by BNP to foreign missions, Momen said, BNP is always busy with fake information. I heard they gave a description. Their descriptions contain a lot of fake and false information.

He said, his example is, a false person is brought; May there be more tolerance. The US Embassy has disclaimed. I think they will take action against him.

The US Embassy in Dhaka has sought consular access to contact the so-called adviser to the US President. In response to the question whether it will be given, the minister said that the Consular Ministry of Home Affairs sees it. We have laws as per permission.

In response to another question about the election, the foreign minister said that the election must be held. Elections will be held according to the rules of our governance system.

Incidentally, Bangladeshi-born American citizen Mia Arefi held a press conference in the presence of the party’s leaders and activists at the Nayapaltan BNP central office after the clash surrounding the BNP’s general meeting last Saturday. He introduced himself as an adviser to US President Joe Biden.

The next day on Sunday, the so-called advisor to the US President was detained by the immigration police while leaving the country and handed over to the intelligence police. He was arrested from the airport and taken to the intelligence office. Later he was sent to prison on Monday from there on the orders of the court.


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