Tea shopkeeper injured in police tearshell dies in Bhairab


(40 minutes ago) Wednesday, November 1, 2023, 1:36 PM

On the first day of the siege by BNP and like-minded political parties at Bhairab in Kishoreganj, a person named Ashiq Mia (55) died after being injured by police tearshells during the clash between BNP and Awami League on Tuesday morning. He died while undergoing treatment at Jahurul Islam Medical College Hospital in Bajitpur at 8:20 PM on Tuesday. The deceased Md. Ashiq Mia is a tea shopkeeper. He is the son of deceased Qadir Mia of Gachtalaghat area of ​​Bhairab town. However, BNP claims. Ashiq Mia Bhairab Paur is a member of Ward No. 7 of BNP.

According to local sources, like every day on Tuesday morning, Ashiq Mia opened a tea shop in his house on the side of the road in Gachtalaghat area. Around 8 am there was a clash between BNP leaders and Awami League leaders and the police. Ashiq Mia was seriously injured by the excess gas when the police fired tearshells during the clash. Later family and locals rescued him and admitted him to Bhairab Upazila Health Complex. Fearing the deterioration of the condition, the doctor referred Ashiq Mia for better treatment. Later he was admitted to Bajitpur Zahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital in the afternoon.

He died there at 8.20 pm while undergoing treatment in the CCU.
Sahid Mia, sister-in-law of the deceased said that Ashiq Mia does not do any party politics. Reads all day about the tea shop. When Ashiq Mia was injured in the tear gas fired by the police at 8 am on Tuesday, he was admitted to the Upazila Health Complex. Later at 10 am the doctor asked to take him to Dhaka. But due to financial crisis, Ashiq Mia was admitted to Bajitpur Jahurul Islam Medical College and Hospital. Ashiq Mia was a heart patient. Tear gas aggravated his shortness of breath. He died at night.

In this regard, Bhairab Circle ASP Delwar Hossain said that he has no information about the death due to tear gas. But if any such incident happens, it will be known in the report given by the doctor.

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