Bus fire in front of Mugda hospital, arrest 1

Bus fire in front of Mugda hospital, arrest 1
Bus fire in front of Mugda hospital, arrest 1

Feni Municipality has launched an operation to evict illegal structures encroached on the roadside to ease traffic congestion in Feni. Apart from this, the municipal authorities are also in a strict position regarding the elimination of hawkers on the sidewalks and stopping of illegal parking.

On Monday (October 30), Feni Municipal Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miaji led an illegal encroachment eviction operation in the city’s Sadar Hospital Mor area.

At that time, the mayor opened the road by occupying the road and managing business and CNG stands by evicting those who caused traffic jams on the road. Despite the order to remove the illegal shops and CNG from the Sadar Hospital junction, within an hour of the Mayor’s departure, the shopkeepers and CNG drivers occupied the road as before and started running businesses and CNG stands.

For the second day on Tuesday (October 31), illegal structures were dismantled at Sadar Hospital intersection due to non-compliance with municipal rules. Ward No. 5 Councilor Zainal Abedin Liton led the municipality’s eviction drive at Hospital Mor.

During the eviction operation, the road encroaching extension of Star Line Suites was demolished. Besides, a shop house and passenger tent and tong shop built by the Zilla Parishad at Phulghazi-Parashuram CNG stand were evacuated.

Earlier, the municipality launched an operation to stop illegal parking on the city’s trunk roads. Under the leadership of Municipal Councilor No. 18 Saifur Rahman, illegally parked motorcycles and CNG were seized in various markets and streets.

Also, microphones are installed on important trunk roads of the city. It also warns drivers not to park where rickshaws drive to the left to ease traffic congestion.

Regarding the evacuation operation, Feni Municipality Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miyaji said, “We have made a master plan with the local councilors to keep not only the Sadar Hospital junction, but the entire Feni city free from traffic jams.” No one can conduct business illegally by occupying the road. Municipal evacuation operations will continue to facilitate smooth movement of citizens. Councilors of 18 wards are also working in this regard.

Municipal Councilor Bahar Uddin, who participated in the campaign, said Sadar Hospital intersection is a very important place. Besides, it is the entrance of people of 3 upazilas. Those who are occupying the road and doing business in this place have been evicted. CNG drivers and linemen have also been instructed to keep the vehicles at designated places and transport passengers as per the rules.

Ward Councilor Zainal Abedin Liton said that Feni Municipality Mayor Nazrul Islam Swapan Miyaji himself came to the hospital junction and requested to remove the illegal shops and stands. Some moved the shop on their own responsibility but some did not pay attention to the matter. Therefore, on the order of the mayor, these illegal shops were evicted by bringing municipal people.

He further said that for the sake of smooth movement of people, our drive to build a traffic free city will continue. Strict action will be taken against anyone who wants to occupy the road again and do business.

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