It is the most expensive vegetable in the world! What is the price per kg?


It is the most expensive vegetable in the world! What is the price per kg?

Exclusive Desk: Generally the middle class can buy a bag between 150-200 rupees. Many of these vegetables are beyond the reach of the middle class.

But have you ever thought that the world’s most expensive vegetable? It is known about such a vegetable, which even the rich will think at least 10 times to buy. Now let’s know more about that vegetable…

The price of just one kg of vegetables is around 85 thousand rupees. Are you surprised to hear? According to a report, vegetables obtained from hop shoots are sold for 85 thousand to 1 lakh per kg.

Its flowers are used to make alcoholic beverages. Hops shoots grow in North America, Eurasia and South America. But this vegetable is not suitable for cultivation in India.

It is mainly used in the preparation of medicines for various diseases. Besides being a natural antidote to TB, this vegetable is used in the beer industry and even in making special chutneys. This plant is in demand all over the world. It is actually a flower whose dress name is hop shoots.

The flowers are usually used in making beer and the rest is used as food. Tuberculosis medicine for toothache is prepared from the stem of this plant.

Studies have shown that it relieves muscle and body pain. This vegetable is used in the treatment of cancer. Apart from curing tuberculosis, it is also used to reduce anxiety, insomnia, excessive stress.

The original inhabitants of Europe and North America began to cultivate the world’s most expensive vegetables. It can grow up to 6 meters at a moderate pace and live up to 20 years.

Please note that it takes 3 years for hop shoots to be ready for harvest. And harvesting this crop requires a lot of physical strength. Because the small green tips of the plant require great care while plucking.

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